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Belesemo Trad

Belesemo Arabian Ranch is the result of the dreams of a horse crazy girl that really did come true. Started in 1972 with the purchase of a 6 month old arabian colt as a 16 yr. old girl's birthday present, it has evolved 38 years later into the breeding program it is today.

The arabian colt, foundation sire Belesemo Trad, became the basis for the Crabbet/Maynesboro/Kellogg breeding program. Trad's blood runs in all 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Belesemo horses currently on or produced at the ranch today. Trad truly was the "horse of a lifetime, in a lifetime of horses", and the reason for there being a Belesemo Arabian Ranch. The ranch's dam lines revolved around seven Abu Farwa granddaughters and one direct Abu Farwa daughter that were all acquired in old age. These mares were able to contribute one or two foals to the breeding program before permanent retirement. It is these bloodlines and resultant offspring that make up the dominant breeding of Belesemo arabian horses.

As lifelong Idaho residents, our ranch is nestled in the beautiful Treasure Valley of Idaho, amidst the vineyard and fruit growing plains of the Snake River. Our horses are raised in large, open pastures that allow them maximum room to exercise and run free to grow up naturally. They are not raised in restricted growing spaces, but allowed to grow up living "out", with daily human interaction. They are indeed the quintessential "family or tent horse".

Dain, Drue and Foals

Our human family consists of Dirk and Kim, and sons Dain and Drue, all intimately involved with the horses and a custom farming operation. We enjoy the interaction of raising the foals from planned matings, foaling, gentling, halter breaking, trail riding and occasionally showing at local area shows. We are now into our 4th generation of raising Belesemo horses as a family. Their successes down through the years for us and their new owners, have exceeded our wildest expectations. The greatest enjoyment we experience is to hear of others' enjoyment with our horses, whether out on the trail or in the ring.

Johnson Family

We feel supremely blessed that the Lord has allowed our dreams to become reality. We would welcome your involvement and interest in our brand of "family horses".

Dirk, Kim, Dain & Drue

P.S. We invite you to browse our "Then and Now" album for a pictorial look at our farm's history.

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