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(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Abra Khadabra by Khemosabi)

Tall, elegant and full of potential describe this bay, coming 4 yr. old filly.  Sired by a Trad son that is a full brother to National Champion endurance horses and has himself sired National winning sport horses, this filly is also out of a Khemosabi+++ daughter, so her breeding is second to none.  A paternal sister to a National Top Ten and Scottsdale Champion Sport Horse, this filly can easily go all the way as well.  She is royally bred in addition to having the stretch and reach gait wise to be a top contender in endurance or sport horse classes.

(Tomahawk EA x Abra Khadabra by Khemosabi+++)

A very nice coming 9 yr. old granddaughter of Khemosabi+++, this  mare’s pedigree also has lines to Ben Rabba, Shaboud, Gai Parada and lines to black.  A pretty face along with big eyes makes her a standout in just about any crowd.  She would be a great hunt seat, endurance or western pleasure prospect before beginning a foundation broodmare career.  She was ridden extensively this past summer and is ready for someone to take and go.  Close to 15 hands she has wonderful conformation and trail attitude.

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Royale Symboll by *Symboll)

Sweet and loving describe this coming 3 yr. old grey filly.  Sired by a National producing sport horse sire and out of a Russian cross endurance mare, this filly has great potential in the ring or out on the trail.  A half sister to National winning sport horses, this filly has the breeding and brains plus attitude to be your next superstar.  A beautiful mover, she is very correct and will mature 15 hands or better.

(Belesemo Magic x Antyfa by Skowronek’s Antez)

Eye catching and full of potential, describe this coming 3 yr. old liver chestnut filly.  If you are into high percentage CMK breeding, this filly is bred to be a foundation mare.  With both sire and dam over 20 years of age, this filly has bloodlines hard to find in today’s Arabian breeding programs.  Her dam is the last living 100% Kellogg bred mare.  A wonderful disposition and correct conformation make her a powerhouse breeding mare after her athletic days are over.  She has wonderful movement and an “I'm going somewhere attitude”.

(Belesemo Epic++ x Sage Tycilan by Cytrys)

A coming 2 yr. old HUGE grey filly that is sired by a National Top Ten Sport Horse halter and dressage champion stallion.  This filly is a Crabbet/Polish cross mare that is absolute perfection conformation wise and will be a wise investment for the future.  Close to 15 hands already she will mature out to a great size for either sport horse classes or endurance.  Nice movement and a wonderful attitude complete the package.

(Belesemo Image x CMR Myza by Wisdom)

This coming 2 yr. old filly is a sibling to several noted endurance horses such as Belesema Natasha+, Belesemo Tradmark, Belesemo Stacatto, LJ Akhiran and others.  This young bay mare has the same great potential and will be a superstar out on the trail.  She has good bone, black feet and nice movement.  The discerning person will look at her as a sure investment for the future in either endurance or sport horse classes.  She will probably mature around 15 hands although she has siblings that are 15.2+.

(Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Miracle by Belesemo Trad)

A gorgeous 2 yr. old filly, this youngster has potential to show in sport horse classes or some form of the show ring.  She has that look at me attitude that says come and get me, I'm your next winner.  She is three generations strong in Belesemo breeding and her flaxen coloring adds to her appeal.

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Belesema Fadtastk by Belesemo Trad)

This wonderful yearling is a sibling to trail and sport horse champions and she has the same great potential for someone looking for a future standout.  Sired by Ibn Trad who has also sired National and Scottsdale sport horse winners and out of a dam that has had some time out on the endurance trail, this young filly is a sure bet for the future.  Beautifully marked as a bay with blaze and four stockings she will catch eyes wherever she goes.  Sweet natured and full of life she is a sure bet for the future.  She is very reasonably priced for the quality she exemplifies.


(Belesemo Epic++ x Belesema Melody by RD Arizon)

A wonderful 2 yr. old colt out of our last large foal crop this guy will be a superstar for whomever decides to take him on.  Good solid body, great movement and superior bloodlines make him a standout for the discerning purchaser.  Sired by a National Top Ten Sport Horse and dressage stallion, his dam is a sibling to a National Champion Endurance stallion.  You can't find better breeding anywhere.  He is priced as a stallion or as a great gelding.

(Zee Business x Prairie Grace by Shalimar Jerome)

This good bodied 6 yr. old gelding is well started under saddle and ready for someone to take and go down the trail with.  Standing close to 15 hands, he is several generations deep in Witez II and Shalimar breeding.  Client owned and offered he is located in Nebraska and will be a great horse for the person looking for good substance and bone.  His pedigree is chock full of great doing horses and he will be one to put on the miles with.

(National Fame x Mono Stella by Monogramm)

Large, full-bodied and good size feet describe this 5 yr. old client owned gelding that is just being started under saddle.  He will mature over 15.1+ hands and will be a great heavyweight horse for the discerning buyer.  He is the type of gelding that everyone is currently looking for and are so hard to find.  He is sweepstakes nominated and when finished under saddle will be double the price.  He is a superior sport horse or endurance prospect.

Reference Stallions

BELESEMO TRAD – (Las Trad x Alla Mem) – Deceased
BELESEMO EPIC++ -  (Belesemo Trad x Khezzara by Mar-Khe)
BELESEMO MAGIC – (Belesemo Trad x Zimara by Ga’zi)
BELESEMO IMAGE – (Belesemo Trad x Farweynea by Antezeyn Skowronek)
BELESEMO IBN TRAD – (Belesemo Trad x Velvet Dawn)
BELESEMO FARWA – (Belesemo Trad x Miss Nateza by Abu Farwa)
BELESEMO OBSIDIAN – (RD Arizon x Velvet Dawn)
RD ARIZON – (Perlezon x NaWarda by Comar Garit) – Deceased
BA FANTIZON – (RD Arizon x ASA Miss Fantasia by *Barich de Washoe)

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