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(Belesemo Epic++ x Belesema Senorita by Belesemo Trad)

This fantastic 5 yr. old golden chestnut colored stallion is the cream of the crop as a future herd sire, endurance, or sport horse winner.  Sadly, sold in 2011, he was returned to us upon the recent death of his owner. Sired by a 4 x National Top Ten Sport Horse stallion in both halter and dressage, this stallion went U.S. National Ten Ten 2 yr. old Jackpot Colt at the Sport Horse Nationals in 2010.  Double Belesemo Trad with ¼ Spanish breeding on the bottom, Don will mature well over 15.2+ hands and has the conformation and attitude to do it all.  He currently has 60 days under saddle and is going well down the trail. If we were going to keep and campaign a future young stallion he would be the one. He would excel as a phenomenal dressage horse. He could also be your next national champion performance and halter gelding.
Congratulations to Tania and Andre Ammannati - Odessa, Florida

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Belesema Moonsong by Belesemo Trad)

Fancy, eye catching and gorgeous movement depict this outstanding double grandson of Belesemo Trad.  Bred in the blue for endurance and/or sport horse, this 3 yr. old stallion will be a herd sire supreme in the image of his well known grandsire. Chestnut with complimenting blaze and stockings set him out as one of the most eye catching and personable youngsters we have had in a long time.  He could easily become a foundation sire for someone looking to begin an endurance or sport horse breeding program.  Wonderfully correct with attitude that shouts look at me, he possesses the ground eating trot Belesemo horses are known for. He ready to start under saddle.

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Ohadi Miss Rose by Ohadi Ben Rabba)

An up and coming 4  yr. old gelding, this super athletic individual could take  you to the top in either sport horse or endurance. Sweet tempered with fantastic bone, legs and feet, he exemplifies his Crabbet heritage both top and bottom with three crosses to Aurab and other CMK legends up close in his pedigree.  He would be a great investment for the individual looking for the “sure thing”. Standing at 15 hands, he is currently started under saddle. A sibling to Scottsdale and National Sport Horse winners, he will be great on the trail or in the ring. His movement is some of the finest we have seen and we are proud to offer him on our sales list.

Congratulations to Desiree McKenzie of Lone Butte, B.C. Canada

(Belesemo Magic x Belesema Mystica by Belesemo Trad)

A wonderful future stallion prospect, this 2012 youngster is the epitome of his Abu Farwa breeding. He is a full sibling to Belesema Maid Marian currently on the endurance trail and proving her great endurance breeding. This colt will be every bit as good along with the beautiful liver chestnut coloring with four stockings/blaze that is so eye catching. He could also be a superstar in the show ring with his correct conformation and unique markings. Possibly one of the last Belesemo Magic sons he would be a sure bet as a foundation sire of the future or a fabulous gelding.

Congratulations to Amanda Washington of Middleton, Idaho

(Sanskrit x Belesemo Moon Song by Belesemo Trad)

This fabulous 2012 colt will be one of the most sought after geldings anywhere for someone looking for that future endurance superstar. With his outstanding pedigree, he will be able to own the trail or sport horse ring, depending on his owner's desire. Not only are both sire and dam endurance horses, but he is a sibling on both sides of his pedigree to many of the great ones out there running today. This youngster will be a heavyweight horse, maturing well over 15.2 hands with fabulous legs and feet. We predict you will remember his name at a not too distant point in the future.

Congratulations to Jody Shumway of Port Orchard, Washington

(Belesemo Epic+++/ x Almost Paridyze by *Pariss)

Wonderful, gray, 5 yr. old gelding that currently has 60 days under saddle.  This gelding is royally bred for the endurance trail or sport horse ring, being sired by a multiple National Champion Sport Horse sire and out of an endurance running mare who has sired other endurance offspring.  Standing close to 15.1 hands, this gelding has a great "people temperament" and has a wonderful performance career ahead of him. He has the potential to be a top ten horse. Great legs and feet are his trade mark. He is the gelding everyone is looking for.

Congratulations to Jim and Cathy Gemperline-Healdsburg, California

(Belesemo Epic+++/ x Belesema Romantica)

A handsome 4 yr. old gelding sired by Belesemo Epic+++/, a Legion of Merit and Legion of Honor, 4 X Top Ten stallion, this guy will prosper in the right hands.  This gelding went U.S. National Ten Ten 2 yr. old Jackpot Stallions at the Sport Horse Nationals in 2010.  A large, good footed individual, he could be a nationally ranked gelding in either sport horse or endurance.  His pedigree is chock full of past Belesemo winners and the right person could take him to the top.  He will mature in the 15.1 to 15.2 hand range and will be a top heavyweight horse if given the right opportunity.  Good legs and feet are a hallmark of his breeding and his sweet spirit is second to none. He is currently being started under saddle.

Congratulations to Antonio and Nancy Corbelletta - Mountain View, California

(HHR Flashazon X Belesema Sualowa by Overlook Farwa)

This wonderful 7 year old bay gelding is client raised in the rock hills of Idaho running out for strong legs and feet. Out of a grand daughter of Abu Farwa, he has several lines to Abu Farwa and his pedigree screams his strong performance potential. Standing close to 15 hands, Farwa has had 5 months under saddle and is ready for conditioning miles. He is prime age and ready to go. He is the sleeper on the sales list for the discerning buyer.

Congratulations to Jeanine McCrary - Davenport, California

(Belesemo Epic+++/ x Triad Silvertess by Silverczet)

A great, chestnut 4 yr. old gelding, this up and coming gelding has 60 days under saddle.  His pedigree is one of the tops anywhere for performance in any field being sired by a multiple National Champion Sport Horse sire  and out of a mare that has produced numerous endurance winners.  Siblings to this horse have placed national Top Ten in Sport Horse halter, a Southeast Heavyweight Endurance winner, a 3,000 mile endurance horses,and many others.  His pedigree is one of the tops in our 30 year breeding program.  Great legs and feet complete the picture of a horse sure to go far.

Congratulations to Vickie Stine - Clover, South Carolina

(Eternety x Shaikeela by Minsteel)

This 15.1 hand 6 yr. old gelding will be a great trail companion for someone looking for size, substance and "pretty". Going well under saddle, he would be a great ride for an intermediate rider. Sired by a stallion holding 11 National titles he will do well in either the sport horse or endurance arena. Out of a straight Egyptian mare, this gelding can hold his own in the show ring in either open or sport horse classes. He is ready to take to the next level in his career, depending on his owner's pursuits. He is also sweepstakes nominated which gives him additional bang for the buck.

Congratulation to Paul and Sally Taylor - Bozeman, Montana

(Belesemo Magic x Princess Tiniya)

Stout, great body and fantastic legs describe this upcoming yearling colt that will be a trail eating machine or fabulous sport horse. If you are looking for a future superstar, this colt will definitely fit that bill. He is a sibling on both sides of his pedigree to already established endurance horses and will be a heavyweight horse. His dam is a pure Polish mare that has a respectable endurance career herself. Not only is he an outstanding individual himself but he has the breeding behind him to insure his success in the future.

Congratulations to Julie Gelderman, Sandamar Farm - Poulsbo, Washington

HHR JAMMAZON (formerly Missterzon)
(HHR Flashazon x HHR Levjis Misstre)

This great 7 year old gray gelding will be a super endurance horse for the trail rider wanting a steady performer. A great grandson of one of our foundation stallions, he is client owned and raised. He has great feet and legs reminiscent of his growing up years running out in the rock hills of Idaho. He has 5 months under saddle and stands 15.1 hands with heavyweight rider potential. Solid legs and rock hard feet are his trademarks. Zon is ready for conditioning miles and is the solid performer everyone is looking for.

Congratulations to Tamara Baysinger - Notus, Idaho

(National Fame x Pommery by *Padron)

15+ hand wonderful 7 yr. old sweepstakes nominated gelding. This great gelding is going down the trail and just needs conditioning miles.  Polish and Russian breeding give this gelding a great athletic future.  Good legs, feet and excellent conformation ensure his  performance in the ring or on the trail.  He is the prime age everyone is looking for and just needs conditioning before he is ready to start his trail career. He has had a year under saddle and is ready to get serious about the trail.

Congratulations to Mike Gann of Caldwell, Idaho

(Belesemo Magic x Madafa by SX Exodus)

A great young stallion with an irreplaceable pedigree. Magic is a grandson of 2 Living legends -"Ga'Zi and *Serafix. Although small in stature, he will be a genetic breeding giant in the image of Skowronek and Raflles. One of the only 2 breeding sons of Belesemo Magic, he will be dynamite out on the trail or in the ring. Going well down the trail under saddle. Client owned and offered, we would be interested in retaining breeding's.

Congratulations to Carey Brock - Delhi, California

(Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Miracle)

This wonderful 7 yr. old bay gelding is going to be super high mileage horse in the hands of the right individual. He stands over 15 hands and will be a trail eating machine. His bloodlines combine the best of the Belesemo Trad and RD Arizon cross and we think he will go far. Great personality, going well down the trail under saddle, super legs and feet all make him the combination high mileage endurance riders are seeking.



(Sanskrit x Starrquest Bey by Huckleberry Bey)

This beautiful, princess look filly is a combination of El Shaklan, Bay El Bay and Bask bloodlines. She is one of the sweetest natured fillies we have come cross in a long time and she will be a star at whatever she does. She would be a great sport horse in both the halter and dressage arenas and possesses superior conformation. She will mature in the 15.1 to 15.2 hand area and has great legs and feet. For someone looking for that fantastic ring or trail partner, this filly will do both. Her pedigree is loaded with performance champions both in the ring and out on the trail.

Congratulation to Madison Lillesvue of Bend Oregon

(Belesemo Magic x Sage Tycilan by Cytlan++/)

A wonderful, beautiful 7 yr. old bay mare that is a top example of our breeding program.  Her pedigree is a wonderful combination of the best in CMK and Polish breeding.  Temptress is a sibling to National Top Ten Sport horse contenders as well as horses currently competing out on the trail that have competed at Tevis, Big horn, etc.  Standing 15.1 hands, this great moving mare is currently being started under saddle and will be a top competitor in either the show ring or endurance trail.  She is one of the few Belesemo Magic daughters still offered for sale.  Her potential is limited only by her owner/rider.

Congratulations to Reneyah Klaus - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

(Eternety x Celese Psychee CLL by Padron's Psyche)

This beautiful 7 yr. old mare is a breeder's dream with some of the most popular bloodlines in the ring today. Standing 15.2+ she exudes power and motion that would be a bonus to anyone's breeding program. A powerhouse on the trail she has excellent legs and feet that would take anyone where they wanted to go. A beautiful head, face and eye complete the package along with 60 days under saddle. For the experienced rider, she could take someone wherever they wanted to go on the trail or in the ring. She has already proven her production capabilities as the dam of an outstanding colt. She can sell bred to our multi-winning *El Shaklan son for a double bred Shaklan offspring.

Congratulations to Nico Thirion - Scottsdale, Arizona

(Belesemo Obsidian x Midnight Lyric by Affirmative)

This beautiful liver chestnut is off the charts on the "sweetness" factor disposition wise. She is everyone's favorite as she runs to the gate to greet ranch visitors. Possessing great conformation and legs, she will be a great sport horse, endurance or trail horse. Whatever the discipline her new owner chooses, she will end up in your pocket and in your heart. She will also have the capability of producing black as she has great black genes in her pedigree. Her bloodlines consist of great Crabbet/Polish crosses.

Congratulations to Sharon Fletcher - Cobden, Illinois

(Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Star Komet by Belesemo Trad)

The mare of a lifetime this 4 yr. old is a show mare supreme.  She is coal black and registered 7/8 Arabian.  She is a fourth generation product of Belesemo Arabian Ranch.  She will mature over 15 hands and has the
potential to be a standpoint in the show ring as well as the endurance trail.  Her dam is a many times champion mare at halter and one of our strongest dam lines on the ranch.  She is a very special filly that will only go to the right home that will use her to her highest potential. She has 90 days under saddle. Very expensive but worth it.

Currently in Competition Training

(Belesemo Magic x Belesema Mystica by Belesemo Trad)  

Stunning is the word to describe this gorgeous liver chestnut 2007 mare.  With her sire’s fine head, big eyes and full body, she is another of the highly sought after Magic daughters for their Abu Farwa breeding.  Becoming known as a sire of broodmares, Belesemo Magic has shown his prepotency here again.  This 4 yr. old mare is a sister to 2011 Tevis Cup finisher with very high CMK percentage that can go all the way.  Currently going well under saddle.

Congratulations to Caroline Williams of Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

(Eternety x Elijahs Sukari by Ralvon Elijah)

A gorgeous 6 yr. old mare, standing close to 15.3 hands, this beautiful headed young mare has her whole future ahead of her. She is going well down the trail for the experienced rider and loves people. She will be a top notch competitor in either the show ring or out on the trail and has the bloodlines to ensure success. Sired by a multi National winning stallion and out of a wonderful Crabbet/egyptian cross mare, this young mare has a pedigree second to none. She can sell bred to our multi-winning *El Shaklan son for a double Shaklan offspring or to one of our other champion producing Belesemo stallions. This young mare is sweepstakes nominated. Her price reflects her internationally famous pedigree.

(Sanskrit x Belesema Excella by Zirah Shartan)

This very uniquely colored yearling filly is the first of our Belesemo Trad bred mares on Sanskrit and she is everything we had hoped the cross would be. Absolutely correct, sweet disposition and a future powerhouse, she will be the mare everyone is looking for in the future. Both parents stand well over 15.2 hands and are heavyweight horses and she will be the same. Perfect legs and feet complete the picture, along with an outstanding performance pedigree. This filly is a unique colored red roan at the present time but will be a future grey.

(Belesemo Magic x Belesema Romantica)

This 2011 stunning chestnut filly has multiple lines to Abu Farwa. A sibling to two of our horses that finished Tevis, this year she is bred in the purple for endurance or sport horse. She should mature out 15.1+ hands and be one of the sought after Belesemo Magic daughters. She will be one of the last Magic daughters offered for sale, due to his advanced age. These bloodlines are becoming extremely rare - a priceless antique.

Congratulations to Dianne and Garnet Willis - Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

(Aladdinn Echo x OO Nanette by GG Jabask+/)

A 1994 beautiful grey mare that is well broke, Angelica is client owned and offered.  Nice movement and sweet personality define her and she could be an outstanding broodmare for someone starting a breeding program.  She has an outstanding pedigree with many great horses in her past for a Polish/crabbet cross and is in foal to Sanskrist for 2014. 

(Belesemo Magic x Farwa Parada by Farwa Amarward)

A stunning yearling, liver chestnut filly, she too, has multiple lines to Abu Farwa with a touch of Ferseyn on the bottom side of her pedigree.  A beautiful filly whose bloodlines are now becoming  Antique this close up, she would be a great start for a CMK breeding program or a wonderful representative of her athletic bloodlines out on the trail.   She is out of a rare Abu Farwa granddaughter. The Magic foals are coming of age and he is proving to be a sire supreme of great broodmares.  This filly has that wonderful Magic disposition.

Congratulations to Kenneth Moore of Farmington, New Mexico

(BA Fantizon x Belesema Mystica by Belesemo Trad)

A special 5 yr. old mare of our golden cross, a National Champion Endurance stallion on Trad daughters, this outstanding chestnut filly is one to make your life special. She has the sweetheart disposition that everyone wants in their "best friend". Her wonderful pedigree includes a National Champion Endurance sire on top of a heavily bred Abu Farwa/belesemo Trad daughter. Her light and airy way of going along with her beautiful face and eyes bespeak her quality as having both a great future in the ring or on the trail and unlimited breeding potential. Her odd "giraffe" markings are a rarity in the horse world..

Congratulations to Kathleen Shuler of Caldwell, Idaho

Reference Stallions

BELESEMO TRAD – (Las Trad x Alla Mem) – Deceased
BELESEMO EPIC+++/ -  (Belesemo Trad x Khezzara by Mar-Khe)
BELESEMO MAGIC – (Belesemo Trad x Zimara by Ga’zi)
BELESEMO IMAGE – (Belesemo Trad x Farweynea by Antezeyn Skowronek)
BELESEMO IBN TRAD – (Belesemo Trad x Velvet Dawn)
BELESEMO FARWA – (Belesemo Trad x Miss Nateza by Abu Farwa)
BELESEMO OBSIDIAN – (RD Arizon x Velvet Dawn)
SANSKRIT - (*El Shaklan x KA Samantha)
RD ARIZON – (Perlezon x NaWarda by Comar Garit) – Deceased
BA FANTIZON – (RD Arizon x ASA Miss Fantasia by *Barich de Washoe)

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