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Belesemo Legacy
(Belesemo Trad x Brilliant Tawia )

Recent news from California has Belesemo Legacy competing on the endurance trail with his 8 yr. old rider Lacey Bainbridge. Together, the two of them have logged 400 AERC in the past few months to give Belesemo Legacy 1,010 AERC miles to date. Our special thanks to Heidi Helly, Lacey's adult sponsor for piloting these two to their completions. We expect many more from the fearless pair.

Belesemo Legacy
Lacey and Legacy
B Legacy trail ride

2012 Foal Crop

This year is one of the most exciting foaling years we've had at Belesemo Arabians. This crop of 9 foals represents the second largest foal crop ever produced at the ranch. Enjoy these quick snap shots - for further information and video, visit the sales page.

Filly starburst
(Sanskrit x Starburst Bey)

Filly Cal Flaming Emit
(Belesemo Magic x Cal Flaming Emit)

Filly Excella
(Sanskrit x Belesema Excella)

Colt Mystica
(Belesemo Magic x Belesema Mystica)

Colt Tiniya
(Belesemo Magic x Princess Tiniya)

Filly Mariahs Rizing Sun
(Belesemo Magic x Mariahs Rizing Sun)

Colt Moonsong
(Sanskrit x Belesema Moonsong)

Filly Midnight Lyric
(Belesemo Obsidian x Midnight Lyric)

Velvet Dawn
1979 - 2012

Our hearts were saddened this year by the loss of an integral part of Belesemo Arabian Ranch - our matriarch - Velvet Dawn (Misimma Ibn Shiko x Zi' Kishta). Words cannot describe Dawn's influence on both the breeding program and our lives. A wonderfully gentle soul, Dawn and Kim started out as young females in the business together. Dawn joined us at the tender age of 7 years and lived to the ripe old age of 33 years. Her influence is the greatest of any mare in our breeding program with two sons, Belesemo Ibn Trad (by Belesemo Trad), and Belesemo Obsidian (by RD Arizon), and one daughter Belesema Velveteen (by Belesemo Trad) actively breeding.

Dawn is the dam of multiple endurance winners, including Belesemo Tradition (by Belesemo Trad) 3 time US National AERC Champion, and the famous Idaho Horse Expo and Arabian Horse World magazine twins Belesemo Prelude & Belesemo Postlude (by Belesemo Magic). Her history making mates included Belesemo Trad, Belesemo Magic, and RD Arizon. Thank you Dawn for a contribution to our lives and breeding program beyond words. Your gentle soul is sorely missed.

 Velvet Dawn age 33
Age 33
Velvet Dawn age 8
Age 8
 Velvet Dawn and Kim
Age 33

Belesema Guinevere
(Belesemo Magic x Antyfa)

Nancy Kay, DVM from South Carolina, sent us these recent photos of her new mare "Gwinny" on their first LD ride together this fall. Nancy reported they received all A's at the vet checks and came through with flying colors.

Gwinny is also shown here with Nancy's son Nick enjoying the day and some "down time". It is always exciting to get reports on how our horses are doing. We look forward to hearing more about them in the future.

Gwinny  Gwin Ginny

Belesema Maid Marian
(Belesemo Magic x Belesema Mystica)


Caroline Williams from Canada sent us recent photos from "Emmys" first LD ride at Moab, Utah.With wonderful P & R's, Emmy was awarded B.C as well.

We really enjoy hearing about the start of these young mares' endurance careers. Guinevere and Marion were raised at the ranch as pasture mates in addition to being siblings.

Their dispositions and trail willingness are trade marks of the Belesemo Magic offspring. We are excited to follow their careers. Stay tuned for more updates.


Emmy at Moab


Belesemo Cajun relaxing   

Belesemo Cajun
(Belesemo Epic+++/ x Injun Performer - AQHA)

A recent fun photo sent to us by Belesemo Epic's owner Mona Tobias, reaffirms the versatility of the Belesemo Arabian lines.

Shown here is Belesemo Cajun with his Marine Corp owner, doing what they do best for weekend relaxation - break away calf roping. Great using horses are the hallmark of the Belesemo lines.

Belesemo Disco
(Belesemo Reflkshn x Ms Special T)

We just received word from California that Lindsey Holstead, 13 year old junior owner/ rider of Belesemo Disco has won 1st in Jumping and Reserve Champion English Pleasure horse at the Ventura County 4-H show. In addition, Disco has completed 3 - 25 mile rides and is getting ready for his first 50. Congratulations to Lindsey and Disco.

Belesemo Disco showring 
Belesemo Disco placing award 
Belesemo Disco jumping 

Belesema Khandy Khiss
(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Abra Khadabra)

XP Gold Award

We just received word of Belesema Khandy Khiss's National Award placing's for AERC in 2012.

CONGRATULATIONS to CAREY BROCK, Khandy’s owner and rider, on their amazing 2012 ride season – in achieving their XP Gold Award of 1,000 miles on the XP rides in one season. Carey & Khandy are an amazing team and we salute their fantastic achievements together. Their complete 2012 ride record includes the following placing's:

XP Gold Award – 1,200 XP miles in 2012
2012 National AERC Mileage Championship - 8th
2012 West Region – Ltwt. Division - 1st
2012 West Region – 3rd Overall
2012 War Mare Award - 9th
2012 Pioneer Award Ltwt. Division - 3rd

To date they have compiled an impressive ride record of 1,610 miles. They epitomize the “To Finish Is to Win” philosophy.

Following is an account of their quest.

To see the videos click here

Click to Read Article from Golden Empire Arabian Horse Society

Belesema Khandy Khiss Earns XP Gold
By Carey Brock

Featured in Golden Empire Arabian Horse Society www.geahs.org

Belesema Khandy Khiss and Carey Brock complete 1,000 endurance miles of XP and Sunrise Ranch rides for the award of XP Gold. The new endurance year begins on December 1 each year. I had ridden Khandy at the Grand Canyon XP ride in October of the 2011 year and realized that she was a phenomenal multi-day endurance horse. I had always thought about ´someday´ trying for the XP Gold award of 1,000 miles in one year with the same horse and rider. Khandy was only 5.5 years old when she did 4 of the 5 Grand Canyon days in 2011, but she did them so easily. I made the decision to go for the gold in 2012. In December of 2011 we did the 2-days (100 miles) of the Death Valley Warm-up ride and we also did the 4-days (200 miles) of the Death Valley Ride. Khandy lost more weight at the 4-day ride than I wanted so I made some serious changes to her feeding program and added some grain.

Our next ride was Eastern Mojave Scenic, 4-days (200 miles) in February. Khandy maintained her weight much better, but she was a high strung, tough to handle mare. In March we did the Cuyama Pioneer of 3-days and 155 miles. I was still using the hot feed and we still fought over which one of us was in control of the day. I cut the grain out and focused on staying off of her between rides and letting her have all the pasture she wanted at home. I wanted Khandy pasture fat when we got in the trailer to go to the next ride. In April we made a big tactical error. Two weeks prior to the big Mt. Carmel ride in Utah, we went to the Lost Padres ride. It was extremely hot and humid. We rode way to slow in the morning and I wasted her energy by fighting her natural pace to slow her down. By the afternoon, Khandy was not eating and not drinking and she was just plain depressed. We came in overtime so those miles did not count for AERC although they did count for the XP Gold. But I lost AERC points for Khandy because of my poor decision. I loaded Khandy up and brought her home. She needed to recover. To compound that error, we took off for Mt. Carmel, in Utah, two weeks later. We did manage to complete 3 of the 5 days. I realized that she had not completely recovered and that we also had a saddle fit problem. After the third day, we loaded up and came home to regroup. Please note here that Khandy had earned 850 miles so far in the 2012 season with not much going in her favor. She is a tough horse. She needed a smarter partner.

I put Khandy out in pasture and probably only put 20 trail miles on her in six weeks. She rested and put on weight. I ordered a custom fit saddle and built shims for my saddle pad to use with the current saddle until the correctly fitting saddle arrived. In June we went to the Wild West ride. It didn't count for the XP Gold, but it was close to home and moderate terrain. I finally got smart enough to ride Khandy more like she was bred to go. On the good ground she can trot at 10-12 miles per hour. On the rocks and downhills she walks. That compromise worked for both of us as far as pace was concerned. My duct taped together pad shims provide much more weight baring surface for the saddle on Khandy‚s back. Khandy flew through 3-days and 155 miles. She did not break a sweat in three days and looked FANTASTIC at the end. I finally had a plan that Khandy could enjoy.

In the last week of August we went to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to attempt the 5-day ride. The terrain is moderate. We had done 4 of the 5 days the year before, so I had a better idea how to pace out the ride. The weather was lovely. We did have some rain some afternoons, but it was warm. Khandy handled 5-days and 250 miles like it was a walk in the park. She trotted up some of those canyons at 12 miles per hour for miles and miles at a time. She was HAPPY. The most beautiful section for me is the Rainbow Rim trail on day five. Khandy must know I love that section, so she did her amazing 4.5 mile per hour walk and gave me lots of time to see the magnificent Grand Canyon in all of its glory. I took lots of video which is available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmCx2_L6ljE Khandy has earned 1210 miles through the first week of September, 2012. A horse like Khandy and the chance to ride in beautiful country are gifts from whatever higher power you believe in. I am very grateful for those gifts. Thank you to Kim Johnson, breeder of Belesema Khandy Khiss, to Dave and Ann Nicholson of XP and Sunrise Ranch rides, to John Grace, my farrier, and to Linda Rogers for taking care of my place when I am gone. Without that team behind us, Khandy and I would not have gone so far in such a short time.

Thank you Khandy

In addition to the multi-day XP rides, Carey and Khandy also traveled to Idaho to do the Owyhee Canyon Lands ride. We enjoyed getting to see them both and witness what a beautiful mare Khandy has matured into. Experience this ride with them below.

Khandy Khiss Owyhee  K Khiss Owyhee Desert 
Khiss trot Owyhee 

Sans Jewell
(Sanskrit x Pstarlit)


Congratulations to Margaret Brunelle, owner of the Sanskrit daughter, Sans Jewell on her sale to the Middle East. Jewell's new owner is Mr. Abdullah Abulrahman Al-Nemer of Saudia Arabia. Honeysuckle Rose North Arabians assisted Margaret with this sale.

Sanskrit Jewel

Belesemo Windsong
(BA Fantizon x Belesema Moon Song)
East Coast Champion Hunter

We just received this email on December 26, 2012, from Valerie Stone;

Hi, and Merry Christmas!  Just to let you know that Belesemo Windsong has again won:

Hunter Pleasure championship for Hunter Pleasure for MHC (Massachusetts Horsemen's Council)
NEHC (New England Horsemen's Council) for the second consecutive year
Reserve Champion in Hunter Pleasure for the Cape Cod Hunter Series
Southeast Hunter Association in the Hunter Pleasure Division. 

We are so proud of this wonderful horse that you bred.  He is a joy to watch and ride. - Valerie Stone, Norfolk, Massachusetts

Congratulations to Valerie Stone and Belesemo Windsong for their 2011 Hunter Pleasure wins in a warmblood dominated support. Valerie and Windsong ended the year with the following titles proving the versatility and sport horse capabilities of Windsong's breeding:

New England Horsemen's Council (NEHC) Hunter Pleasure high point award- 1st place
Massachusetts Horsemen's Council (MHC)   Hunter Pleasure high point award - 1st place
Southeast Regional Hunter Pleasure high point award - 1st place
Cape Cod Hunter Pleasure high point award - 1st place

Belesemo Windsong and Valerie
Belesemo Windsong trot
Belsemo Windsong on course


Alert Acadaemy Emergency Response Team

Recent Happenings In the Belesemo Family Include the graduation of our son Dain from ALERT International Academy in Big Sandy, Texas. Dain completed phase one of the military boot camp.

He is continuing his specialized training in disaster response, basic firefighting, high-angle rescue, emergency medicine, and search-and-recovery diving. We are very proud of his accomplishments and continuing education. Stay tuned for further reports.

  Dain at academy

Belesemo Farwa
(1990- 2012)

We are sad to report the death of senior stallion, Belesemo Farwa (Belesemo Trad x Miss Nateza) at age 22. Farwa was a last piece of living CMK history as he was the youngest tail female Abu Farwa grandson in the world. His dam, Miss Nateza was the last living Abu Farwa daughter and foaled him at age 27. Farwa is the sire of several endurance winning offspring, including Belesema Replika - 3000 mile AERC winner and Belesemo Fire Flame, currently on the endurance trail. Farwa's genetic greatness will be sorely missed in the breeding program.

B Farwa Belesemo Farwa

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