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The Most Important Event of 2015

In family news we graduated our youngest son, Drue LeRoy Johnson from high school in June. We are extremely proud of this young man and everything he has done down through the 12 years of being home schooled, including paging in both the Idaho State Senate and House of Representatives, Governor of Capstone (Boys' State), 4.0 gpa, All Star State Football Game #1 Defensive End - 5A school, numerous piano, english handbell and essay contest wins. Standing 6'7” at 18 years of age, it takes a pretty good sized arabian to pack him around, but Belesema Musical and Crystal Rose have been his mounts for several years.

After spending his summer and fall running combines for his dad in the family business, Drue will be heading to the International ALERT Academy in Big Sandy, Texas, in October.

We are excited to see what the Lord has for Drue and his future.


Drue gradution

    The next generation of Belesemo line horses are starting to assert themselves in the ring and on the trail. . .

2015 U.S. National HA/AA Champion Sport Horse Mare

GF Justified Suzanne Sturgill Photograghy

Exciting news just coming in this fall from U.S. Sport Horse Nationals held in Raleigh, North Carolina. CONGRATULATIONS to GF JUSTIFIED (Belesemo Epic+++/ x Not Tonight – American Warmblood Society Registered) on WINNING U.S. NATIONAL HA/AA CHAMPION SPORT HORSE MARES IN HAND.

Congratulations to her owner Robin Ginn from Royston, Georgia, and Mona Tobias the owner of her sire, Belesemo Epic+++/. Epic has numerous national sport horse titles as does his offspring and Justified is another of his national winning sport horse offspring, exhibiting her winning ways. Robin raises National winning sport horses at Ginn Farm Dressage and Sport Horses. [Click Here]

GF Justified jumping

Don Stine Photography

In addition to National Champion Mare honors, Robin's 17 yr. old daughter, Catherine Ginn rode JUSTIFIED to three more national top 10 wins:

2015 U.S. Top Ten HA/AA Hunter Hack Junior Horse
2015 U.S. Top Ten HA/AA Hunter Hack Open
2015 U.S. Top Ten HA/AA Hunt Seat Equitation

As a yearling JUSTIFIED was also a U.S. Top Ten Yearling Sport Horse Fillies in Hand.

2015 AHA National Championship Ride

Fair Chance

At the AHA National Ride held in Big South Fork, Tennessee, A FAIR CHANCE (Belesemo Chance by Belesemo Trad x Bella Magnolya) owned/ridden by Maris Ramsey & bred by James/Gini Agnew went:

2015 U.S. National Top Ten Purebred CTR 70 Mile Championship.

This great duo also received 3rd and BC this summer on the 50 mile GERA Fundraiser Ride. Congratulations to Maris and her wonderful mare. We expect to see even more great things from them in the future.


AERC Endurance News

Endurance News

Steve Bradley Photography

CONGRATULATIONS to Linda Walberg riding Belesema Star Ebony (Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Star Komet) shown on the left, for gracing the cover of the November issue of American Endurance News. This great pair has logged 510 miles to date and we look forward to them logging many more in the future. Ebony is the first 4th generation horse from the Belesemo Arabian breeding program and an important part of its future.

Star Ebony

Steve Bradley Photography

Coincidentally, news from California includes Belesema Royale Ivory (by Belesemo Ibn Trad) and owner/rider Maureen Crerar competing in several rides this summer, their first summer out on the endurancetrail.  They are shown here completing the 50 mile course at the Camp Far West Rides.  Congratulations on a great start to your trail career.

Both Belesema Royale Ivory and Belesema Star Ebony are out of the 2007 foal crop at Belesemo Arabians and have quite a story to tell. Ivory's dam was lost in a tragic accident at her tender age of one month and Ebony's dam was a first time mother at age 25. Seeing Ivory's distress, Ebony's dam, Belesema Star Komet decided that she would adopt Ivory along with her own filly and gladly nursed her as well. With a grey foal on one side nursing and a black foal on the other side, Ebony and Ivory were so named for their future colors of black and white.

Now here they both are out on the endurance trail 8 years later and enjoying what they were bred to do.



AERC 60,000 Mile Mark

B Dave

Kevin Water & Rio

Steve Bradley Photography

Impresario ridden by Kevin Waters

Dave Rabe & Rio

Steve Bradley Photography


Two fantastic milestones were recently reached by two men and one magnificent horse. Dave Rabe is the first rider to reach 60,000 AERC miles on a horse. When Dave rolled over that mileage he just happened to be on a borrowed Belesemo horse, BELESEMO IMPRESARIO aka “RIO” (BA Fantizon x Belesema Blanca by Belesemo Trad), that carried him down the trail on that particular day at the Paunsaugunt XP Pioneer. Not only did Dave become the highest mileage rider ever in the history of endurance, but he and Rio took first place and Best Condition as well. What a phenomenal achievement – congratulations to Dave and also to Rio for being allowed to have the honor.

Belesemo Impresario is owned by Cheryl & Brent Johnson and leased to Kevin Waters who has been piloting Rio to a potential Pioneer Heavyweight Award for 2015. Keep your eyes peeled for this pair who have already ridden 660 miles this year for a total of over 3,000 miles for Rio and 26,000 lifetime miles for Kevin. Congratulations to all on these outstanding accomplishments

2015 Hallowed Weenies Ride

New sherrif

Belesemo Dude aka "Sheriff Dudley"

At the 2015 Hallowed Weenies Ride the redoubtable “The Sheriff Dudley’ aka Belesemo Dude’s exploits are recounted by his cohort in crime fighting, Merri Melde in her entertaining blog The Equestrienne Vagabond.Click here to read their robber chasing exploits.

Other Belesemo horses and their riders participating in the ride were:
Belesema Anna – owned/ ridden by Chris Samson
Belesema Epic Diva – ridden by Tara Rothwell
Belesemo Geronimo – owned/ ridden by Maria Kilgo


b geronimo

Belesemo Geronimo

tSteve Bradley Photography

belesemo diva

Belesema Epic Diva

Steve Bradley Photography

2015 foals and Kim

(Belesemo IBN Trad x WPTR Amazn Grace Filly)

2015 Foals Have Arrived

The 2015 foals have arrived at Belesemo Arabians. They are fabulous in their trail characteristics and Belesemo dispositions. Watch for future photos!



Grey Filly - (Belesemo IBN Trad x WPTR Amazn Grace)

Bay Filly - (Belesemo IBN Trad x Sans Spice)

Bay Filly - (Belesemo IBN Trad x Meena)

Chest Filly - (Belesemo IBN Trad x Cal Flaming Emit)

Chest Colt - (Belesemo IBN Trad x Belesema Mystica)

Bay Colt - (Belesemo IBN Trad x Forever Roses)

Chest Colt - (Belesemo Epic+++/ x Princess Tiniya)

Ranch Visitors

We were excited to welcome John Crandell and his great horse Heraldic to Belesemo Arabians three days after their competition at the Tevis Cup in California. They came through to pick up Belesema Sapphire and Belesema Mona LIsa to take back to John's farm in Virginia.  It was inspiring to see this great horse in the flesh whose record is phenomenal in the endurance world.

 To quote Merri Melde's blog from entitled: "Competitive, Eclectic Entries in the Tevis Cup 60th Anniversary" - dated July 24, 2015:
    ". . .John Crandell calls his horse Heraldic, 17, "a freak of nature". He has overcome serious injury in his career to return to phenomenal winning success. After winning the "Triple Crown" of U.S. endurance in 2006 - the Old Dominion 100, Tevis, and the AERC National Championship 100 - he seriously injured his stifle and was off for two years. He came back in 2010 to win the "Triple Crown" yet again. After another setback and over three years off, the gelding came back again, winning this year's Old Dominion 100 again last month under Marcia Hefker-Miles. . ."

In addition to winning the Tevis Cup itself in 2006, Heraldic also won the Haggin Cup (the best condition trophy for the Tevis), a phenomenal feat.

It was a privilege to have John and Heraldic spend the night at Belesemo Arabians on their way back to Virginia and we appreciate John letting us snap a quick photo of him..


Soda Fire

Soda Fire - Idaho on Fire 2015

Angeline Sherman, volunteer at the ranch, went out to take photos of the BLM rounding up the mustangs on their destroyed homeland. Read about the fire and see more photos.

Team Sorting Update

Belesemo RC Magic and Carey Brock

News from Carey Brock of Delhi, California, includes her and BELESEMO RC MAGIC by Belesemo Magic, taking up the sport of team penning at which they are becoming real pros. Who says arabians can't do cows? In addition to other recent placing's, they just won the 10 Master's Class at the Mid State Fair in California with over 30 teams competing. Carey and Magic have become great ambassadors for the arabian breed in a sport totally dominated by quarter horses. What a great win for an arabian and a stallion to boot! Did you notice the front page photos of this young stallion and Carey's granddaughter?


Current standings for Belesemo RC Magic include him holding fourth place in California for the Masters Team Penning class before earnings not yet recorded at the Cow Palace. Carey and Magic are also 10th place in California for the number 2 rated division without their recent Cow Palace wins. They earned 5th place in the Masters Class at the Cow Palace.  Stay tuned for additional information on their winnings and all competition against the “Big Boys”.


RC Magic cows
trail ride horse

B RC Magic

2015 Ride Results Are Beginning To Come In:

There have been many Belesemo horses at Idaho rides this year including Tough Sucker I and II and City of Rocks written up by Merri Melde on her great blog. Click here to get a recap on rides:

At the City of Rocks Ride: excerpted from Merri Melde's blog – The Equestrienne Vagabond
“Look up and down the trails any day, and sooner or later you'd see some Belesemo Arabians trotting by. Seven of them accounted for 13 finishes over the 3 days, including Belesemo Dude, aka Dudley. It was The Dude's (almost back-to-back!) two days of 50's ever.”

Belesemo Horses at City of Rocks:

BELESEMA ANNA By Belesemo Image - owned/ridden by Chris Samson

BELESEMA STAR EBONY – By Belesemo Obsidian - ridden by Linda Walberg

BELESEMO DUDE – By Belesemo Image – ridden by Merri Melde

BELESEMO GERONIMO – By Belesemo Obsidian – Owned/ridden by Maria Kilgro

BELESEMO MOON – by Belesemo Ibn Trad – Owned/ridden by Lynn White

BELESEMA SPECIALTY by Belesemo Reflskhn – Owned/ridden by Carrie Johnson

BELESEMO ASHFALOTH out of Belesema Shady Lady – Owned/ridden by Veronica Stanley


Also carrying Belesemo lines but bred by other folks at the ride were:

HHR JAMMAZON – RD Arizon grandson – owned/ridden by Tamara Baysinger

EPIC KEEPSAKE by Belesemo Magic – owned/ridden by Veronica Stanley

TUXEDO'S GHOST by Belesemo Obsidian – owned/ridden by Vicci Archer

NOELLE LE FEY by Sanskrit – ridden by Elicia Kamberg

out of Princess Tiniya – owned/ridden by Beverly Gray


Photo: Steve Bradley

Belesema Anna and Chris Samson

star ebony
Photo: Steve Bradley

Belesema Star Ebony and Linda Walberg

Tough Sucker I & II:

In addition to many of these same horses at City of Rocks Ride, Tough Sucker I & II also featured two more horses carrying Belesemo bloodlines were:

BELESEMA FINALIA by Belesemo Trad – ridden by Bethany Sargent

BELESEMA EPIC DIVA – ridden by Flora Gertsch

What a great group of horses and their riders representing Belesemo bloodlines. Congratulations and best wished to all of you on continuing the ride season.

Belesemo Epic Diva at Silver City

Tevis Completion

Recent news from Tevis shows that the Sanskrit son Balie Skrit Ablaze owned Doyle and Pam Bailie and ridden by Celena Pentrack placed 24th at the 2015 Tevis Cup. Congratulations to the owners and rider of this great horse. Photos to come.

performizon run for the gold
Photo: © Robyn

(BA Fantizon x Plantinum Edition)

More year end news comes from Hallie Torres, breeder of Performizon, when BA Fantizon stood at Belesemo Arabians. His current owner and rider, Sarena Pearse finished 5th as the 2014 California State Horsemen's Association light weight pair. Sarena and Performizon currently have 1325 miles to their credit. Congratulations to both breeder and rider. We look forward to hearing more from this great pair.

1000 AERC Mile Marker

We are pleased to report that several more Belesemo line horses have reached the 1,000 mile mark in the past month:

BELESEMA FINALIA (Belesemo Trad x Vanity's Dancer) ridden by Flora Gertsch. Finalia and Flora won the AHA 50 Mile Championship Ride last year and have continued racking up the miles this year. Flora is off to college this fall and we are excited to report that because of her endurance career she was the 2015 Arabian Horse Foundation Scholarship recipient among other scholarships. Flora plans on attending Lewis & Clark College and studying for a nursing career. We so appreciate her taking Finalia down the trail for us the past 3 years. Finalia will now come back to the broodmare band at Belesemo Arabians as the last daughter of Belesemo Trad. Watch for her foals in the future.

B Finalia
Photo: Steve Bradley

Belesema Finalia and Flora Gertsch


Jammer ridden by Tamara Baysinger

HHR JAMMAZON bred by Hexagon Horseshoe Ranch, is an RD Arizon grandson, owned and ridden by Tamara Baysinger. Jammer also reached a 1000 miles in addition to completing his first 100 mile ride at Sun River and a Best Condition this summer. Jammer currently has 1,170 miles and 21 completions in 21 rides.

BELESEMA ANNA (Belesemo Image x Miss Special T) and rider/owner Chris Samson, also reached the 1000 mile mark this summer. Anna currently has 1,190 miles and 24 completions in 25 rides .Congratulations to all of them.

B ExtremePhoto: Deborah L Worf

Belesemo Extreme

(Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Exotica by Belesemo Magic)

Lysanne Cree sent us news from Canada regarding Belesemo Extreme's (aka Buddy) first LD ride at the Pine Tree Ride in Maine. They started out with a 30 mile ride and all A's on his vet card. We are excited to watch this team on the East coast rides.

2014 Belesemo Line Horse Accomplishments Still Coming In:

The following horses are grand get of Belesemo Trad, sired by Belesemo Chance, who is owned by James and Gini Agnew in South Carolina. These horses are showing the trail viability of the next generation of Belesemo line horses. Our heartiest congratulations to their fine owners and breeders.


(Belesemo Chance x Bahia Almas Zaman)
Owned/Ridden by Patsy Gown
Breeders - James/ Gini Agnew

2955 AERC Miles in 10 Consecutive Years
9 Best Condition Awards – 36 Top Tens
91 Rides – 88 Completions
Legion of Honor Supreme Legion of Honor

indian dream girl
Photo: 2014 Deborah Whorf


(Belesemo Chance x Indian Pipe Dream)
Owned/Ridden by Mary Howell
Bred by Dennis & Joanie Brucker

990 AERC miles
100% completion rate including 3 – 75 mile “FEI” Rides
17 Top Tens – 2 Wins – 2 Best Condition

chancez czar

(Belesemo Chance x Redhaven Aalizara)
Owned/Ridden by Kevin Pfoertsch
Breeders - James/ Gini Agnew

1490 AERC Miles – 2500+ Combined CTR/AERC miles
5 – 100 mile completions, including Old Dominion (2x)
Vermont, Pine Tree & White River
3 – 75 mile completions
5 – Top Tens
5th – 2014 Northeast MW Regional Points Champs
4 - 3-day 100 CTR completions including 1 grand and 2 reserve grand championships – 2013 NJTRA/Chesapeake Challenge
Champs for Hi-Point Horse – 2013 - ECTRA Reserve Champion w/ medallions in versatility, extended & middle distance

Just In Chance

(Belesemo Chance x Bahia Almas Zaman)
Owned/Ridden by Don Lorey
Breeders - James/ Gini Agnew

500 AERC Miles
22 Rides – 18 Completions – 1 Best Condition

2014 Southwest Idaho Trail & Distance Riders Standings

Moon Rocks
Photo Steve Bradley

Belesemo Moon and Lynn White

Belesemo Geronimo by Belesemo Obsidian - owned / ridden by Maria Kilgro
Rookie Horse of the Year
Senior Top 5 LD Horse / Rider
335 miles - 13 of 13 ride completions
2 Best Conditions

Belesemo Moon by Belesemo IBN Trad - owned/ ridden by Lynn White
8th- Senior Top Ten Horse / Rider Teams / 50+ miles
8th - Mileage Standings

12th - 2014 AHA Distance National Championship

440 miles to date - 10 completions of 12 rides

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