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2023 Events

American Endurance Ride Conference National Championship

What an unbelievable year it has been for Belesemo line Arabians. We are so proud of these horses and so thankful to their owners for showing what these horses are capable of. Thank you for your perseverance and determination in taking them to their National and Regional American Endurance Ride placings:

CONGRATULATIONS to Meg Sleeper, VDM, Virginia, and Sapphire being the most recent Belesemo National AERC Champions by winning the 2023 National Best Condition Award and 2023 National Champion Mileage Award. Sapphire also came in 3rd in the National War Mare Award. In addition, they also claimed several regional placings as well. We are so proud of them!!

Belesema Sapphire

(Belesemo Magic x Cal Flaming Emit)
Owned & Ridden by Meg Sleeper, VMD

AERC National 100 Mile Champion – 1st
AERC National Best Condition Champion - 1st
AERC National War Mare Champion - 3rd
AERC NE Region Best Condition - 1st
AERC NE Region Pts. Champion LW - 1st
Bronze Level, 100 Mile Equine Recognition Award

CONGRATULATIONS to Karri Bruskotter, DVM of Ohio, on her fantastic National and Regional AERC Placings with this young stallion. His first real year of endurance competition has been phenomenal. We expect to see even more great things from them in the future.

Belesemo Sansation

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Sansational Lady)
Owned & Ridden by Karri Bruskotter, DVM

AERC National Jim Jones Stallion Champion - 2nd
AERC NE Region Pts. Champion HW - 1st

CONGRATULATIONS TO Claire Godwin, DVM of Maryland on her Regional placings with Angel this year. Claire & Angel had 10 completions in 10 rides for this perfect competition year to win the above awards.

(Sanskrit x HCF Angelica)
Owned & Ridden by Claire Godwin, DVM

AERC NE Region Mileage Champion - 1st
AERC NE Region Pts. Champion FW – 8th

Belesema Sans Angel

CONGRATULATIONS to these two outstanding junior riders that took their Belesemo line horses to Regional placings this year. We are always so excited to see juniors out on the trail and encourage them in their ride exploits. We are also excited to see horses bred from our lines by other breeders out on the trail continuing the Belesemo tradition.

PW September Hero

(Belesemo Chance x Bahia Almas Zaman)
Ridden by Sophie Cline, Owned by Pat Gowen, Bred by James & Gini Agnew

AERC – SE Region LD Mileage JR - 1st

Belesema Ruby Jewel

(Belesemo Magic x CT Ramblin Rose)
Owned & Ridden by Joslynn Terry – Bred by Marilyn Hornbaker

AERC NW Region Pts. Champion JR - 3nd
PNER Junior Rider - 3rd
PNER Junior - Oregon - 1st

CONGRATULATIONS to these outstanding horses and their riders award rankings in the Pacific Northwest Endurance Conference.

San Storm

(Sanskrit x RCF Angelica)
Owned & Ridden by Carrie Johnson

PNER – Idaho Senior - 5th

Sans Myst

(Sanskrit x Belesema Mystica)
Owned & Ridden by Julie Bittick

PNER – Montana Senior - 6th

Aelfleah Ananda

(Ibn Taam-Rud x Turfa Ghazalah)
Ridden by Bentley French

PNER Junior Rider - 9th PNER Idaho Junior - 2nd PNER Junior – LD – Top Three

Our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS along with great sympathy to Carol Weber on her super placings this summer in her and “Lucy’s” competition year. However, we also mourn Lucy’s passing with Carol this past fall. She was destined to become one of the great ones and we extend our heartfelt sympathies.

(Sanskrit x Belesema Excella)
Owned & Ridden by Carol Weber

AERC CT Region Pts. Champion MW - 9th

Belesema Exclusiva

Belated Congratulations

BELESEMO EXTREME and Lysanne have been completing several rides this year, but we are late in reporting on last year championships – our apologies. that they were this past year.

Belesemo Extreme

Wendy Webb Photograph

(Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Exotica)
Owned and ridden by Lysane Cree

2022 - AHAEC (Arabian Horse Assoc. of Eastern Canada) Reserve Champions in Distance Riding with a score of 99.75

2023 Foals

2023 Gray Countess Foal

2023 Gray Countess Colt

Belesema Madame Rouge

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Donner vie a Cheriela)

2023 AMYR GG Oracle Colt

2023 AMYR GG Oracle Colt

Belesemo Ladys Man

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Sansational Lady by Sanskrit)

2022 Events

Arabian Horse Association National Edurance Championship

Belesemo Arabians was proud to help co-sponsor the AHA National Championship Endurance Ride in Idaho for 2022. It was exciting to see many people we have talked and worked with over the years. Shown here some photos of ride camp and crews. We are so thrilled that two Belesemo line horses placed USA National top ten on the 50 mile ride. Both sired by Belesemo Magic. Shown below are Riazara's Magic, bred by Wally & Marrie Bodenhofer and ridden by Kristen Hutsell and Belesemo Ruby Jewel, bred by , and ridden Jocelyn Guber.

One of the most exciting part was watching several of our horses at the ride and their resultant placings:
We are extremely happy to report that two Belesemo line horses competed in the 50 mile Championships. They were both bred by other people who had brought us their mares, but were sired by our stallion, Belesemo Magic. We are very excited when horses bred from our stallions by other folks do well! Also, two of our horses competed in the LD rides offered at the National Championships.


Rizara Magic on trail at AHA Nationals


(Belesemo Magic x Riazara)
Owned and bred by Wally & Merri Bodenhofer and ridden by Kristy Butler

Riazara tied for 5th place. In addition, she tied for 8th place in the Open 50 mile ride. Zara has 625 AERC miles to date.

Belesema Ruby Jewel competing at AHA Nationals


(Belesemo Magic x CT Ramblin Rose)
Bred by Marilyn Hornbaker and owned/ridden by Joslynn Terry

Ruby also finished in the Open 50 mile Ride on Friday.
She currently has 690 AERC recorded miles.

Belesemo San Storm at AHA Nationals climbing hill

(Sanskrit x Belesema Excella)
Owner/ rider Carrie Johnson completed LD 25 mile ride on Friday. Their career is starting out strong.

Belesema Anna at AHA nationals on trail

(Belesemo Image x Antyfa)
Owner/rider Chris Samson also completed the LD 25 mile ride on Sunday. They have 2,135 AERC recorded miles.

Many thanks to Merri Melde and Steve Bradley for the photos.

AHA National Championship Idaho 2022

ECAHS Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Association - Calendar

Shown here is our wonderful BR Gold Sovereign and two of his daughters featured on the 2022 ECAHS calendar for November. Although a multiple National Top Ten Sport Horse stallion, Sovereign is shown doing what he loves best - being out on the trail with Matt Stanley.

calendar 2

4th of July Parade

It is so good once again be participating in rides, shows, and parades. Shown here are our ranch helper girls participating in the Greenleaf and Wilder 4th of July Parades. It was too hot for native costume but they did decorate in the spirit of the holiday.

ready to ride in parade
riding in parade
horses decorated for the parade

From left to right:
Samantha Pope and Belesema Star Ebony, Sophia Erwin and Belesema Dazling Lady, Avery Ketterling and Anna A. good time was had by all.

Noted Passings
Belesemo Echo & Belesemo Reflkshn (Belesemo Trad x Camarelle by Ga'zi)

We are noting the passing of two great Belesemo Trad sons, Belesemo Reflkshn and Belesemo Echo. They were bred by but not owned by Belesemo Arabians. They were stallions of merit that have contributed to the continuation of great working and companion horses in the Arabian gene pool. They are full brothers and a part of the "middle years" history of Belesemo Arabian Ranch being out of Camarell by Ga'zi, one of our great foundation Abu Farwa granddaughters.

Reflkshn was owned by Sojourn Arabians in Colorado and Echo was owned by Wills Farms Arabians in Couberg, Ontario, Canada. We so appreciate these two great ranches for their love and care of these great stallions.

Belesemo Echo

(Belesemo Trad x Cammarelle)
Age 24

Belesemo Reflkshn

(Belesemo Trad x Cammerelle)
Age 29

2022 Foals

The foaling barn was a first this year for Belesemo Arabians. We had all stud colts hit the ground which was a great departure from our usual 80% filly crop. Primarily sired by Belesemo Ibn Trad, these are some great future sport horse or endurance trail prospects.

COLT Belesemo Ibn Trad x Forever Roses

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Forever Roses)

Belesemo Ibn Trad x Best Actress PMB

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Best Actress PMB)

 Colt Belesemo Ibn Trad x Belesema Sacajawea

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Belesema Sacajawea)

Belesemo Ibn Trad x Crystal Rose

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Crystal Rose)

COLT Belesemo Epic+++/ x TA Khara Mia

(Belesemo Epic+++/ x TA Khara Mia)

Belesemo Ibn Trad x Epic Prima Belle

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Epic Prima Belle)

AERC National Convention

In March we were privileged to attend the National AERC convention held in Reno, Nevada. It was the first one we had been to in quite some time. It was so good to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Shown below are a few of the great friends/ clients we were able to meet up with. It was fantastic to see everyone, hear the wonderful speakers, and just enjoy a great time!

national belesemo Arabians Pioner award

Winners of the National Belesemo
Arabians Pioneer Award - L.to R
Kim, Nance Worman, Kerry Lee
Redente, John Stevens & David Law

Sue Robinson and Kim

Great friend and client of many years
Sue Robinson from California that
was brave enough to room with me

Sue, Lee, Naomi, Lynn

Good friends and clients Sue, Lee &
Naomi Pearce and photographer Lynn Glazer
from our banquet table.

Heather and Jeremy

Finally getting to meet in person with
Heather & Jeremy Reynolds that we have
sold horses to and used broodmares from
their great endurance program.

Karri B

So good to meet great client
Karri Bruskotter in person, the
"mom" to Belesemo Sansation,
Belesema Sans Flame, Belesema
Sans Scarlet & Belesema Heirabella

Susie Hayes

Good to see Susie Hayes at the convention
where she received multiple awards for the great
Sanskrit son, Sanstormm, bred by Dee Matlock

2021 ECAHS Lifetime Achievement Award – Belesemo Arabians

It is with great humbleness and appreciation that Belesemo Arabians received the Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award for 2021. We are honored beyond belief that we were selected to receive the Award for 40 years of breeding Crabbet Arabians

ECAHS lifetime achievement award
Dirk Kim and ECAHS award

We were slated to fly to the East Coast to receive this award in person at the Crabbet Celebration. However, with the current covid situation this past year, the award was sent to us and we celebrated locally with long time friends/clients Cindy and Tom Lempp from Colorado and Bob and Sue Jerome from Middleton, Idaho.

Thank you to the selection committee from ECAHS for this great honor and all the wonderful people down through the years that have believed in our horses and taken them to their many national and regional show and endurance titles. Our breeding program would not be what it is today had it not been for these gifted individuals and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude. THANK YOU!

To read the ECAHS article you can go to https://ecahs.org/honorees/ and scroll down to click on the story.

2021 Hallowed Weenies Ride

We so appreciated Veronica Stanley taking some of our ranch working girls to the Hallowed Weenies Endurance Ride to participate in the costume festivities and trail ride.

Golden Joy stance
Golden Joy profile

Shown here are Avery Ketterling & Belesema Dazling Lady dressed as The Great Pumpkin and Bethany Tutwiler on Independent Khurlee dressed as a Christmas Elf

2021 Region X – 50 Mile Champion & BC

Ghost & Deb - AHA Regional Champ June 2021

Indian Grey Ghost
(Belesemo Chance x Indian Pipe Dream)

CONGRATULATIONS to owner/rider Debra Moe of Emerald, Wisconsin, on her wins with her Belesemo Trad grandson, Indian Grey Ghost in June. Congratulations also to his breeders, Dennis & Joanie Brucker. In addition to his Regional win Ghost has 560 endurance and LD miles to date, winning 3 Best Conditions with a 100% completion rate. He is also a full brother to multi-winning Indian Dream Girl aka “Siena”. We are looking forward to hearing more of his adventures in the future.

Spring 2021 Sales

We have experienced some wonderful sales in the past month with horses going to Montana, Washington, California and Australia. We welcome the new owners to the “Belesemo fold” and can’t wait to see these outstanding youngsters on the trail in the future. Check out our sales page for more information on the new owners.

Belesema Golden Joy to Australia

We are so excited to share that our wonderful young mare, Belesema Golden Joy (BR Gold Sovereign x Belesema Joyous by Belesemo Magic) has been purchased by Linda Mars of Oso Arabians of New South Wales, Australia. With ranches both here in New Mexico and Australia, Oso’s endurance team is world renowned. For more information on where Joy will be going and the opportunity before her, we invite you to click here to view their 4,000 acre ranch and facilities in Australia. https://www.osoarabians.com.au We couldn’t be more pleased to have one of our best represent us on another continent. You can also follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Oso-Arabians-Murray-Grey-Cattle-119926238020720

Golden Joy stance
Golden Joy profile

With the past year’s shut down and sporadic competitions at best, we are excited to start receiving news again of what folks are doing with their Belesemo horses.

Endurance.net Featured Article

BELESEMA BLACK SATIN (Belesemo Obsidian x PNA Lakhota Moon) and her owner Elaine Bettez-Wabel were featured in an endurance.net article on their first LD competitions. This dynamic duo is just starting out and we are pleased to share their featured article here: http://www.endurance.net/CurrentNews

Belesema Black Satin
Black Satin on ride


2020 AERC Placings

Congratulations to the following Belesemo line-horses or horses purchased from Belesemo Arabians that made the 2020 year end American Endurance Ride Standings. In a tough year we salute these horses and riders for their great placings and accomplishments.

Belesema Rosetta

© Steve Bradley

(Belesemo Magic x JV Solysa)
Owned/Ridden by Andie Holstrom
4th – NW Region Featherweight

Cadence Esperanza

© Merri Melde

(Belesemo Image x Mark’s Tern)
Ridden by Cadence Pearce
2nd – NW Region Junior

Ridge on Siena

© Becky Pearman

(Belesemo Chance x Indian Pipe Dream)
Bred by Dennis/Joanie Brucker
Owned/Ridden by Mary Howell
3rd – NE Region Featherweight


© Merri Melde

(Sanskrit x Alta Snow)
Bred by Dee Matlock
Owned/Ridden by Suzanne Hayes
2nd – NW Region Lightweight

PW Hero side view

(Belesemo Chance x Bahia Almas Aman)
Bred by James/Gini Agnew
Owned/Ridden by Patsy Gowen
7th (tied) - SE Region – LD Mileage


(JA Mosk x TA Bay Essence)
Bred by Catherlne Linderman)
Owned/Ridden by Gordon Garewal
3rd – Pacific SW - LD Seniors

2020 Old Selam Ride

We were also able to attend the Old Selam Ride in September at Idaho City and had a great time there visiting the trails, scribing for the vets and seeing old friends. Thanks to ride management for letting the girls assist. We really enjoyed getting to see some of the horses that were raised in our pastures at the ride. Shown here are Belesema Ameelia and Zyxxz, owned by Cherie and Gordon Garewal out of California. Belesema Esperanza and Cadence Pearce were a great team as well. Watch for some new ride photos of them.

Old Selam Ride ready to get on trail
Old Selam Ride checking in
Old Selam Ride rider checking in

Old Selam Ride vet check
Old Selam Ride Belesemo horses
Old Selam Ride ready to ride

More beautiful Selam Ride photos taken by Steve Bradley Photography

Old Selam Ride on trail
Old Selam Ride on trail horse and riders
Old Selam Ride moose along trail

Sport Horse Nationals

We are looking forward to the Sport Horse Nationals in September 22- 26th in Nampa Idaho. This is our show program ad.

Unfortunately, we have just learned that no spectators will be allowed at the show due to USEF rules. Consequently, our ad in the show program won't be seen by anyone other than the participants. We are pasting it here for everyone else to have a look. We wish all the exhibitors’ great success.

Belesemo Sport Horse 2020 flyer

Big Horn Ride 2020

Congratulations to Suzanne Hayes and Sanstormm (Sanskrit x Alta Snow) on winning the Big Horn 100 Ride. Also, congratulations to Sanoma Blakeley and OMR Quiksan (OMR John Henry x Sensational Lady by Sanskrit) in placing 6th. What a fantastic accomplishment for these two horses and their owners,a direct son and grandson of Sanskrit. Suzanne and Sanstormm also just won the 3rd day of the Old Selam ride as well.

Sanstormm and Suzanne Hayes

Photo© Merri Melede

(Sanskrit x Alta Snow)
Owned/ridden by Suzanne Hayes
Bred by Deete Matlock

OMR Quicksan and Samona Blakeley

Photo© Merri Melede

OMR Quiksan
(OMR John Henry x Sensational Lady by Sanskrit)
Owned/Ridden by Sanoma Blakeley
Bred by Dennis/Linda Tribby

2020 Foals

With all of the events going on in the world right now, it is always great to hear good news.

belesemo high octane

Belesemo High Ocatane
(Belesemo IBN Trad x Rendezvouz GWA)


colt 2020 B IBN Tad

(Belesemo ibn Trad x Diva CLL by SX Dartagnon)

colt 20202 sanskrit best actress

(Sanskrit x Best Actress)

perfect love cast out fear mare and foal

Midnite Lyric and Foal - Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Comfort you  Mare and Foal

Belesema Velveteen & Foal - So I Will Comfort You

We would like to share the beautiful art work of Katherine Paul and her husband Michael. They came out to our ranch a while back and took some spectacular photographs that they have turned into posters and painted photographs. The first one we are sharing here is of Midnight Lyric and her wonderful colt, Belesemo Total Eclips that Michael captured on the fly. Kat turned them into beautiful posters of different sizes to sell on Fine Art America. For possible Christmas gifts and/or presents of Kat's wonderful posters you can contact her at katttpaul@gmail.com or (208) 895-8767. We so appreciate the spiritual and ethereal presence they gave to our horses.

2019 Foals

It has taken us all summer long to get new foal photos up, but we are celebrating the birth of five really special colts born at Belesemo Arabians this year. And once again, we are the Fab Filly Farm with one lone colt – the potential successor to his sire, Belesemo Obsidian that we lost this past year. Our thanks to Angelyn Sherman for her great photos.

black colt

Belesemo Black Colt (by Obsidian x PNA Lakhota Moon)

black colt by Obsidian


grey filly by Sans Skrit Grey Filly (by Sanskrit x Belesemo Finalia)

grey filly by Sans Skrit
grey filly

Grey Filly (by Sanskrit x Cals Flaming Emit)

grey filly

bay filly
bay filly

Bay Filly (by Belesemo IBN Trad x Epic Prima Belle)

bay filly


liver chestnut filly

Liver Chestnut Filly (by Belesemo IBN Trad x Sansational Lady by Sanskrit)

Old Selam Ride 2019

We were excited to get to attend the Old Selam Ride at Idaho City and watch Belesema Anna (Belesemo Image x Antyfa) owned by Chris Samson and Belesemo Ashfaloth (Pacifico Valentino x Belesema Shady Lady) owned by Veronica Stanley finish the 50 miles. It was great fun to get to watch them come in and this was Ash and Veronica’s first 50 miler.

Veronica and Matt on Ashfaloth

Veronica and Ashfaloth


Matt and Ashfaloth

Belesemo Anna

Belesemo Anna

Congratulations to Gordon & Cherie Garewal

Congratulations to Gordon & Cherie Garewal on their continued great ride seasons with Zyxxz, Donner Vie El Cherie and Belesema Ameelia that they purchased from Belesemo Arabians. So far Gordon and Zyxxz have gone 1,460 AERC miles and Zyxxz has had 3 1st place & Best Condition Awards. Quite an accomplishment riding as heavyweights. We wish them continued success on the trail. Donner, Ameelia and Cheri continue to wrack up the miles as well.

Magic Marker in competition

Gordon on Zyxxz

Magic Marker and Amanda Thomas awards

Gordon on Donnor Vie El & Cherie on Ameelia

Magic Marker and Amanda in competition

Cherie on Ameelia

Belesemo Magic Marker++ and Amanda Thomas

CONGRATULATIONS to this dynamic duo again on winning the recent REGION IV Sport Horse Under Saddle Dressage Type ATR and Sport Horse Under Saddle Dressage Type AOTR. Amanda and Magic have proven to be a wonderful team together and we look forward to more of their adventures together.

Magic Marker in competition
Magic Marker and Amanda Thomas awards
Magic Marker and Amanda in competition

Khurlee Kharma and Kerri Marshall

Great news from Washington State with Khurlee Kharma,a Belesemo Trad granddaughter, with owner Kerri Marshall on completing their first endurance 50 mile ride – the tough Renegade Rendezvous Ride 50. This pair has finished Top Ten in their last 5 rides. They also placed 5th in a schooling Eventing Show end of April at Washington State Horse Park!

Kharma and Kerri
Khurlee Karma crossing creek
Kharma on trail
Kharma and Kerri on a ride

Belesema Exclusiva and Vickie Weipur

Good news from Montana State with Vickie Weipur and Belesema Exclusiva, (Sanskirt x Belesema Excella) competing in her first 25 mile endurance ride – Medicine Lodge Ride. We are excited all these young Belesemo horses just starting their endurance careers this spring. We forward to more news as the year goes on.

Belesema Exclusiva and Vickie Weipur

Belesemo Obsidian
(RD Arizon x Velvet Dawn)
1995 - 2018

We are sad to report that we lost our Black Prince this fall, Belesemo Obsidian. “Sid” was our second generation black stallion, a son of RD Arizon and a very important part of our breeding program. He was an Idaho Arabian Breeder’s Futurity Champion stallion and was literally the “love of the barn” disposition wise. He welcomed all the young humans who wanted to pet “the Black Stallion” both old and young alike and his gentle ways were a delight in being an ambassador for the arabian breed. He is so missed, and a huge part of our heart goes with him. He came into this world with our hands on him and he left in the same way.

Sid leaves a legacy of both National Champion Sport Horses and high mileage endurance horses. He sired 24 offspring with one more due in the spring. Many of his offspring are under 3 years of age and their legacy is yet to be written. He leaves a huge hole in both our hearts and the breeding program.


Obsidian head
obsidian trot
Belesemo Obsidian awards

Some of his most noted offspring are:

Belesemo Extreme
(Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Exotica)
Owned/Ridden by Lysane Cree

2017 AHA Region 18 Championship-1ST & B.C.
2017 AHA OF Eastern Canada-Reserve Champion
2017 OCTRA Overall Horse-6TH
2017 OCTRA Endurance Horse-10TH


El Ghaddei Habbi
(Belesemo Obsidian x Sultans Diamond)
Owned/Bred by Kathleen & Shorty Schuler

U.S. National Reserve Champion
Yearling Colt - Sport Horse In Hand


Belesemo Geronimo
(Belesemo Obsidian x Allie Kazam)
Owned/Ridden by Maria Kilgo – Bred by Kathy Ginther

2017 SWIT/DR Senior Horse/Rider LD - 5TH
2016 AERC NW Region Seniors LD Mileage - 6TH
2016 SWIT/DR LD Horse/Rider Mileage – 3RD
2016 SWIT/DR 500+ Mile Award Champion
890 AERC Endurance Miles


Belesema Star Ebony
(Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Star Komet)
Ridden by Jessica Huber

U.S. National Top Ten Half Arabian 50 Mile National Championship - 4th
905 AERC Miles

2018 U.S. Sport Horse National Results

WOW! The United States Arabian Sport Horse Show was held in Nampa in September and we are so proud of the two horses representing our bloodlines. Both of them are Belesemo Magic sons and both were ridden by riders named Amanda! Amazing coincidence! BELESEMO MAGIC MARKER++ was 4x National Top Ten In-Hand, 2x Top Ten Sport Horse Under Saddle and Reserve National Champion Dressage Type ATR Sport Horse Under Saddle!!!!

BELESEMO IRON MAN was U.S. National Top Ten in Hunter Type Sport Horse Under Saddle, missing Reserve National Champion by just two points

Congratulations to their fantastic owners and riders Amanda Thomas from Middleton, and Julie Gelderman from Poulsbo, Washington. We are so proud of them all!


Magic Marker Kim Amanda
magic marker awards
Iron Man 2018

Belesemo Magic Marker
U.S. Reserve National Champion Dressage Type ATR Sport Horse Under Saddle
U.S. National Top Ten Sport Horse In-Hand – Dressage Type
U.S. National Top Ten Sport Horse In-Hand - Dressage Type, ATH
U.S. National Top Ten Sport Horse In-Hand – Hunter Type
U.S. National Top Ten Sport Horse In-Hand – Hunter Type, ATH
U.S. National Top Ten Sport Horse Under Saddle
U.S. National Top Ten Sport Horse In-Hand - ATH

Belesemo Iron Man
2018 U.S. National Top Ten in Hunter Type Sport Horse Under Saddle

Iron Man has also been:
2016 Reserve National Champion Hunter Hack Junior Horse
2016 National Top Ten Sport Horse Under Saddle Junior Horse
2014 National Top Ten Sport Horse 2 Yr. Old Colts/Geldings

to Belesemo Line Horses Reaching Endurance Milestones this Summer

(Belesemo Image x Antyfa)
Owned/Ridden by Chris Samson

On acquiring her 2000 mile AERC award

Belesema Anna


Sharade La Fey

(Sanskrit x Shey La Fey)
Owned by Kim Zvik
Ridden by Sara Grey
Bred by Darian Schweiger

On placing 10th on the 2018 TEVIS Cup


(Belesemo Image x Siyata Jauhar)
Owned/Ridden by Tom Currier, DVM
Bred by Rick/Carol Brand

On completing the tough 100 mile Big Horn Ride

LJ Owyhee Opal Tom Currier at Big Horn

Belesemo Image
(Belesemo Trad x Farweyna by Antezeyn Skowronek)

belesemo image
belesemo image trotting

We are sad to report the end of an era at Belesemo Arabians on the loss of one of the last remaining Beleesmo Trad sons, Belesemo Image. Image was known for his impressive CMK pedigree, brilliant trot, beautiful liver chestnut coat color, and mecurial desposition towards life. He was the last of the five Belesemo Trad sons out of Abu Farwa granddaughters that were the foundation mares for Belesemo Arabians 35 years ago. He leaves an impressive legacy of daughters to carry on his bloodline. With 27 lifetime foals to his credit, some of the following are his most noted offspring. He will be extremely missed.

Belesema Natasha+
3055 AERC endurance miles
AERC National Pioneer Award Champion - 5th
AERC 3000 mile medallion
Legion of Merit
12 Top Ten ride placings

Belesema Anna
1965 AERC endurance miles
2014 AHA National Champion 50 mile Top Ten
2017 AHA National Champion 50 mile Top Ten
14 Top Ten ride placings

Belesema Trad Mark
1690 AERC Miles
AERC National Husband/ Wife Team Champion - 9th

LJ Owhyee Opal
745 AERC endurance miles
2017 AHA National Champion 100 mile Top Ten

Bethany Emma
630 AERC endurance miles
10 Top Ten ride placings
Western Dressage Scores - high 60's

Belesemo Dude
870 AERC endurance miles
5 Top Ten ride placings
Sometime Star of the the Equestrienne Vagabond Blog

Treasure Valley Classic Show

Belesemo Magic Marker - High Scoring Sport Horse In-Hand Champion

We are thrilled to report at the Treasure Valley Classic Horse Show Belesemo Magic Marker(Belesemo Magic x Belesema Mystica) and Amanda Thomas won the qualifying and championship classes in four Purebreed SHIH Geldings, ATH and Open with scores ranging from 74.9 to 83 - repeating their high score of the show in 2017 for all In Hand horse. They also won unanimous first in two classes and a first and second in dressage. Congratulations on a fantastic show!

belesemo magic marker at TVC
belesemo magic marker at treasure valley classic
b magic marker tvc 2018

Update - Idaho Dressage Festival Show

Mark and Amanda placed
1st Training Level Test 3 - 70.8 pts
Training Level Test 1 - 66.9 pts (first dressage class)

Ohadii Echo
Belesemo Image x FV Shabelle)

Congratulations to Bob and Susan Jerome on a fantastic first showing for their Belesemo Image filly at the Treasure Valley Classic Horse Show. What a fabulous beginning to her career. Echo had the following placings:
2nd - Sport Horse In Hand fillies 2 and under
3rd - Sport Horse In Hand Showmanship
This was under two judges at her very first show.

ohadii profile
ohadii echo with owners
ohadii front view

2018 Owyhee River Challenge

Congratulations to Angelyn Sherman and Belesemo Black Knight (Belesemo Obsidian x Midnite Lyric) on placing 3rd at the 2018 Owyhee River Challenge CTR in their first competition together. Watch for more of this dynamic duo on future rides as they are just getting started.

belesemo black knight on shore
black knight owhyee river challenge
belesemo black knight
black knight

2018 Foal Crop is Arriving

mariah rising sun bay filly 2018

Mariah's Rising Sun Bay Filly (by Belesemo IBN Trad)

mariah rising sun bay filly 2018 front view
best actress chestnut filly 2018

Best Actress Chestnut Filly (by Sanskrit)

best actress chestnut filly
Lyrica Filly 2018

Midnight Lyric Black Colt(by Belesema Obsidian)

black knight

Full Brother to Belesemo Black Knight

belesemo black knight colt

AHA National Championship Ride

We were privileged to have the AHA National Championship Endurance Ride held here in Idaho this year. We were thrilled to attend 2 of 3 days and get to see horses of our bloodlines and their placings and visit w/ their wonderful owners. We were excited that horses carrying Belesemo bloodlines bred by us and others, made such an amazing showing. Our heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to the following National winners - what a storied championship.

U.S. National Top Ten Purebred 100 Mile Ride
6th - LJ Owyhee Opal by Belesemo Image bred by Carol Brand and owned/ridden by Dr. Tom Currier, DVM

U.S. National Top Ten Purebred Arabian 50 Mile Championship
6th - Belesema Anna by Belesemo Image and owner/rider Chris Samson

U.S. National Champion Half-Arabian100 Mile Ride
1st -Sanstormm by Sanskrit, bred by Dee Matlock and ridden/owned by Suzanne Hayes

U.S. National Top Ten Half Arabian 50 Mile National Championship,
4th - Belesema Star Ebony by Belesemo Obsidian and rider, Jessica Huber
5th - Belesemo Moon by Belesemo IBN Trad and rider/owner Lynn White
4th - ANCER (Appaloosa) National Championship.

What a super accomplishment for these great horses and their owners/rider. CONGRATS to all!

San Storm ©Ross Tolman

Sanstormm and Suzanne Hayes

Belesema Anna and Chris Samsom

Belesema Anna and Chris Samsom

LJ Owhyee Opal and Tom Cuurier

LJ Owhyee Opal and Tom Cuurier

AHA Region 18 Championship Ride

Exciting news from Lysane Cree and BELESEMO EXTREME (Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Exotica by Belesemo Magic) all the way from Quebec, Canada. This fantastic duo has had an unbelievable summer by attending the Region 18 AHA Championship 2-day 100 (at the Madawaska Highlands Pioneer Ride of Canadians, in eastern Ontario) and taking 1st place and Best Condition!

They also finished their first FEI *1 50 mile at the Coates Creek ride taking 8th place, continuing well on their way to World Endurance FEI qualifications. They ended the season with another 50 mile ride taking 3rd and a second Best Condition award. Way to go Lysane and "Buddy". We are so proud of you and excited to watch you continue!

region 18 trophy
Region 18©Wendy Webb Photography
region 18 ribbons

Coates Creek Region 18
©Wendy Webb Photography


Coates Creek competition
©Wendy Webb Photography


Region 3 Championships


Proof that Belesemo line Arabians excel at more than endurance and sporthorse activities - Congratulations to Belesemo RC Magic (Belesemo Magic X Madafa) owned by Carey Brock of Delhi California and ridden by legendary trainer Don Wright on taking:

Region III Reserve Champion Herd Work (cutting) with Don Wright riding
Region III Grand Champion Reined Cow Horse Limited with Carey Brock riding

This is after only 5 practice rides with Don on buffalo and flag. This wonderful young stallion exemplifies his CMK heritage and kind disposition as shown her with Carey's granddaughter.

Magic Man Regional ribbons
magic buffalo
regional competition
grand daughter



Treasure Valley Classic Show
Belesemo Magic Marker - High Scoring Sport Horse In-Hand Champion

Congratulations to Belesemo Magic Marker(Belesemo Magic x Belesema Mystica) and Amanda Thomas on achieving an 80, 80.5, and 81 scores on Sport Horse In Hand classes at the Treasure Valley Classic Horse Show in June. These are phenomenal scores, which resulted in Mark being the highest scoring horse of the In-Hand classes. He achieved two championships and a reserve. We expect to see even greater things from Mark and Amanda in the future.

magic marker and amanda
magic marker competition ribbons
amanda trotting with magic marker
magic marker and amanda in competition
belesemo magic marker
amanda trotting with magic marker in competition

2017 Foal Crop has Arrived

This years foal crop is safely on the ground with 6 filies and 5 colts. They are absolutely phenomenal with many national champion parents and siblings. Stay tuned to for photos to come.

Belesemo Hawkeye

Belesemo Hawkeye
(Belesemo IBN Trad x WPTR Amazng Grace)

Belesema Sans Myst

Belesema Sans Myst
(Sanskrit x Belesema Mystica)

Belesema Gold Monarch

Belesemo Gold Monarch
( BR Gold Sovereign x Diva CLL)

Belesemo Total eclips

Belesemo Total Eclips
(Belesemo Obsidian x PNA Lakhota Moon)

Epic Prima Belle Colt 2017

2017 Epic Prima Belle Colt
(BR Gold Sovereign x Epic Prima Belle)

Belesema Black Dancer

Belesema Black Dancer
(Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Replika

meena filly 2017

Belesema Cameellia
(Belesemo IBN Trad x Meena)

Belesema Sans Flame

Belesema Sans Flame
(Sanskrit x Cal Flaming Emit)

Belesema Sansation

Belesemo Sansation
(Belesemo IBN Trad x Sansational Lady)

Belesema Oria Rosa

Belesema Oria Rosa
(BR Gold Sovereign x Forever Roses)

2017 Belesema Joyous Filly

Belesema Golden Joy
(BR Gold Sovereign x Belesema Joyous)

Belesemo Wizard

Belesemo Wizard
(Belesemo Magic x Latricia by Las Trad)
1989 - 2017

We received this lengthy tribute from long time client Will Schmidt earlier this year and debated about putting it on facebook. However, it is a great tribute to the companion relationship we have with these wonderful creatures and thought it might be educational as well. Thanks Will. Wizard and Ari had and have a great home with you. Our condolences. [Read full story]

A fair chance

Region XII AHA Champion
Pure Bred Competitive Trail

Recent news from Maris Ramsay in the Southeast Region has her Belesemo Trad granddaughter A Fair Chance (Belesemo Chance x Bella Magnolya), bred by James/ Gini Agnew, winning the 2016 Region XII AHA Champion Pure Bred Competitive Trail on December 18, 2016. Congratulations to both of you on such a great achievement. The Belesemo Trad grandget are proving themselves as the next generation of superior trail horses.

2016 SWIT / DR Standings

The 2016 standings for the Southwest Idaho Trail and Distance Riders results were recently published and many Belesemo bred or marketed horses appeared on the list. Congratulations to all of the horses and riders on an outstanding year.

Senior Top Ten Horse and Rider Teams
4th - Belesemo Moon & Lynn White
9th - Belesemo Dude & Merri Melde

50 Mile Ride Standings
5th - Belesemo Moon & Lynn White
10th - Belesemo Dude & Merri Melde
12th - Belesema Anna & Chris Samson
15th - HHR Jammazon & Tamara Baysinger
27th - HHR Levis Sualowa & Tamara Baysinger
37th - Belesema Esperanza & Naomi Tyler

LD Horse and Rider Mileage
3rd - Belesemo Geronimo & Maria Kilgo
6th - Belesema Specialty & Carrie Johnson
13th - Tuxedos Ghost & Vicci Archer

Senior Top Five LD Horse
3rd - Belesemo Geronimo & Maria Kilgo

500+ Mile Award
Belesemo Geronimo & Maria Kilgo

Best Condition 50 Mile Division
HHR Jammazon & Tamara Baysinger

2016 AERC National Championship Ride

Held at Antelope Island, Utah, the 2016 National Champion 50 and 100 mile rides included some great Belesemo line horses and their riders. Congratulations on these fantastic accomplishments. Read all about Belesemo Dude's (aka Dudley) National Championship ride experience on Merri Melde's blog "The Equestrian Vagabond" blog WAY TO GO!

Baile Skrit Ablace AERC
©Gore/Baylor Photography 2016

100-mile Ride - 2nd Place!
1st - Featherweight Division

Baile Skrit Ablaze
(Sanskrit x Bailie On Ice – Appy)
Owned/Ridden by Pam Bailie
Bred by Pam/Doyle Bailie
4 Tevis Cups - 4 Completions

Belesemo Impressario AERC
©Gore/Baylor Photography 2016

100-mile Ride - 10th Place!
1st -Heavyweight Division

Belesemo Impresario
(BA Fantizon x Belesema Grey by Belesemo Trad)
Owned by Brent/Cheryl Johnson
Ridden by Kevin Waters
2X AERC Pioneer Award Champion

Belesemo Dude at AERC championship ©Steve Bradley

50-mile Ride - 16th Place!
Featherweight Division

Belesemo Dude
(Belesemo Image x Nature’s Quicksilver)
Bred/Owned by Steph Teeter
Ridden by Merri Melde
870 AERC Miles to Date

2016 Sport Horse Nationals

Belesemo Iron Man Sport Horse 2016

Congratulations to Julie Gelderman and her fantastic gelding Belesemo Iron Man (Belesemo Magic X Princess Tiniya). At the 2016 Sport Horse Nationals this fantastic gelding and Julie's daughter Amanda riding him were:

Reserve National Champion Hunter Hack Junior Horse
National Top Ten Sport Horse Under Saddle Junior Horse.


"Tony" just missed top ten sport horse geldings in hand by placing 11th. What a great showing for just turning four years old. Tony was previously:

2014 National Top Ten Sport Horse 2 Yr. Old Colts/Geldings

2016 Young Riders Team Challenge

siena young riders challenge

Congratulations to Mary Howell, owner, and Sarah Buckley, rider, on Indian Dream Girl aka "Siena" (Belesemo Chance daughter / Belesemo Trad granddaughter) on their recent placings.

Canadian Championship FEI 75 mile - 2nd place overall
Young Riders Team Challenge - 2nd young rider & 3rd overall with a ride time of 6:53

They are pursuing a chance to ride in the Young Riders World Championship in Verona, Italy, in 2017. Go Mary, Siena, and Sarah. We are excitedly cheering you on.

2016 Tevis Cup

Congratulations to these fabulous owners, breeders, and riders of horses placing top 15 on the toughest endurance ride in the country, the Tevis Cup. These horses were sired by stallions in the Belesemo Arabians breeding program. We are so proud of all of you!

Appollo LH Tevis 2016
©Lynn Glazer, www.photo.lynnsite.com

6th Place!

Appollo LH
(Sanskrit x Twice A Princess)
Owned/Ridden by Jesse Caswell
To date: 5 - 1sts, 5 - 2nds, 7 BCs

Belesemo Impresario Tevis 2016
©Gore/Baylor Photography 2016

12th Place!

Belesemo Impresario
(BA Fantizon x Belesema Grey
by Belesemo Trad)
Owned by Brent/Cheryl Johnson
Ridden by Kevin Waters
2X AERC Pioneer Award Champion

Baile Skrit Ablaze Tevis 2016
©Gore/Baylor Photography 2016

14th Place!

Baile Skrit Ablaze
(Sanskrit x Bailie On Ice – Appy)
Owned/Ridden by Pam Bailie
4 Tevis Cups - 4 Completions

Three Starters – Three Top 15 Finishers Belesemo Arabians Congratulates these Tevis Cup Winners

2016 Ranch Visitors

George and Kim

Kim and her run around "broken leg buggy" with ranch visitors George and Terri Opolski, originally from Poland, now in Idaho. George shared some wonderful stories of his life in Poland and the Arabians he knew there while growing up. Our thanks to Terri who forwarded these photos taken during their visit.

We have had many other visitiors to the ranch this summer from as far away as South Africa, Canada, Florida, California, and other states. We appreciate all of you stopping in for a visit to see the horses, and some have found new companions to ship to their respective homes. Thank you for your confidence in our horses and breeding program. All of your visits are special.

George and Kim

Region IV Sport Horse Show
Magic Marker (Belesemo Magic x Belesema Mystica)

Recent News from the Treasure Valley Classic Horse Show and Region IV Sport Horse Championship have 3 year old Belesemo Magic Marker (Belesemo Magic x Belesema Mystica) claiming some impressive titles in his first show for owner Amanda Washington. Congratulations to both of them on a great show. We are looking forward to seeing them at the Sport Horse Nationals in September - Three Regional Top Fives and Two Reserve Champion Hunter Type

Magic Marker
magic marker amanda washington
magic marker award

Region IV Placings
Reserve Champion SHIH Hunter Type
Reserve Champion SHIH Hunter Type ATH
Top Five SHIH Dressage Type

Treasure Valley Classic Placings
1st Hunter Type ATH
3rd Hunter Type Open
4th Dressage Type Open
6th Dressage Type ATH

(BA Fantizon x Plantinum Edition)


Recent update from Hallie Torres regarding Performizon, sired by BA Fantizon by RD Arizon, bred by Hallie and now owned and ridden by Sarena Pearse, has them currently in the AERC Top 10 in West Regional Pt. Standings. Currently logging 1,555 miles, they have completed some tough rides already this season and are headed for TEVIS this July. We wish them all the best in their quest for the coveted TEVIS buckle.

performizon sarena pearse

And they are an impressive bunch!

Black/Grey Filly (Sanskrit x RCF Angelica)

Black/Grey Filly
(Sanskrit x RCF Angelica)

Black Filly (Belesemo Obsidian x PNA Lakhota Moon)

Black Filly
(Belesemo Obsidian x PNA Lakhota Moon)

Chestnut Filly (Sanskrit x Belesema Sacajawea)
Chestnut Filly (Sanskrit x Belesema Sacajawea) 2

Chestnut Filly
(Sanskrit x Belesema Sacajawea)

Chestnut Filly (Belesemo Image x Belesema Excella)

Chestnut Filly
(Belesemo Image x Belesema Excella)

Black Filly (Belesemo Obsidian x Midnite Lyric)

Black Filly
(Belesemo Obsidian x Midnite Lyric)

Chestnut Colt (BR Gold Sovereign x Elija Sukari)

Chestnut Colt
(BR Gold Sovereign x Elija Sukari)

Bay Filly (Sanskrit x Belesema Khany Khiss)

Bay Filly
(Sanskrit x Belesema Khandy Khiss)

Chestnut Colt (Belesema Ibn Trad x Mariah's Rizingsun)

Chestnut Colt
(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Mariah's Rizingsun)

Chestnut Colt Sanskrit x Belesema Velveteen

Chestnut Colt
(Sanskrit x Belesema Velveteen)

and still waiting for (Sanskrit x Best Actress) -- stay tuned! - Flash!! Gorgeous Bay Filly just foaled.


baby killdeer in nest
mama killdeer pretending broken wing
baby killdeer looking out of nest

Not only are horse babies coming into existence but so are bird babies. Shown here is a nest of Killdeers that survived in the mare's dry lot all spring. We marked the nest with sticks so it wasn't stepped on and miracle of miracles here are the babies all hatched out before they jump out of the nest within two more hours and start running around. Their frantic mother is giving us the "fake broken wing" treatment as we were too close to the nest snapping photos.

Historical Articles

There have been new photos and articles on our historical page - "Then and Now". Click Here to view recent updates.

belesemo trad in costume giving  a demonstration

Belesemo Trad at the Idaho Horse Expo circa 1987


And Still 29 Years Later, Belesemo Arabians At
The 2016 Idaho Horse Expo

. . .

The 2016 Belesemo Image out of Belesema Excella filly, greeting the children at the April, 2016, Idaho Horse Expo. This filly is a double Belesemo Trad granddaughter,following in her grandsire's footsteps 29 years later, as a breed ambassador also. She is true history in the making.

kids petting horse at expo
kids at expo with horse
girl with baby horse

Sheila Varian - Varian Arabians

Passing of Greatest Arabian Breeder

It is with deep regret that we join thousands of Sheila Varian's admirers in sorrow at her recent passing.  Sheila represented the epitome of breeders for the arabian breed and we were so fortunate to have met her and visited with her at Scottsdale in times past.

We were also blessed to attend her annual Summer Jubilee at the Varian Ranch in California summer before last with good friends Hallie Torres and Gail Dellagatta.  It was truly a special lifetime event as we were able to see the results of the 60 year old breeding program, walk the pastures with broodmares/foals,  tour the wonderful Varian factility which is now owned by the California Rangeland Trust, and just visit with other like minded arabian breeders.  It was a wonderful, never to be repeated experience where we met old and new friends alike.  We will never forget it nor Sheila's dedication to the breed she loved so much.  Indeed, we cannot think of anyone else that has had such an impact on the breed as a whole.

group photo at varian ranch
sheila varian
dinner at varian arabians

Photos shown here are reminisces at the Varian Ranch with Sheila on one of her horses giving a seminar and then all of us enjoying dinner overlooking the Pacific Ocean after a day at the Varian Ranch. It was a truly memorable experience. 

We are blessed to have two Varian sired horses in our broodmare band, Starrquest Bey sired by Huckleberry Bey who has produced a wonderful Sanskrit daughter for us and PNA Lakhota Moon sired by Sundance Kid V who just produced a fantastic solid black filly this month sired by Belesemo Obsidian.  Interestingly enough, we saw Starrquest's Bey's dam, Starrlite  sired by *Bask, sell to Tom Chauncey Arabians in the Last Daughters of *Bask Sale in Scottsdale on our first trip in 1980.  Now that brings back some memories 30 years later!


Belesemo Black Knight Photos

Congratulations to Angelyn Sherman, one of our ranch helpers, on having her photos selected for the 2016 BLM Wild Mustang calendar. Angie's beautiful way with a camera is shown here by her recent snaps of Belesemo Black Knight as a coming 2 year old.

black knight photos

Belesemo Arabians

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