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Belesemo Horses are equally suited to life on the trail, in the show ring or as family companions and babysitters.

Belesemo Patriot

Belesemo Patriot (Overlook Farwa X Naviana de Washoe)

Owned by Bonnie Quick of Whitman Nebraska. Patriot is pictured here baby sitting her niece, Corrine Quick of Larned, KS. Bonnie relates that "Corrine and Patriot are exactly the same age- born the same day.  The saddle has a bit of a story - my grandpa bought it for my Dad around 1934". 

Belesemo Patriot

Below Patriot shows his "real vocation" of Nebraska cow horse on the Quick's Garden Prairie Angus Ranch.

Nebraska cow horse

This is Belesemo Patriot at the 5-day AHA Ft. Robinson Trail Ride in Nebraska where he was the "Adult Games Winner". Owner Bonnie Quick relates, " Patriot was the star of the team penning that was held at the Ft. Robinson Trail Ride.  He was awesome!  Tommy Garland borrowed Patriot for his team penninng run and really enjoyed riding him also."

Robinson Trail Ride

Belesemo horses and riders parading in Native Costume at the largest equine parade in the Northwest, the Snake River Stampede

Parade in Arabian Costume


Young and young at heart trail riders leaving the ranch for an outing.

Fun trail ride

Mom, they're gonna eat me!

Druew with foals
Girls in foal pen

Belesemo Babies and admirers - tent horses from birth.



Yankee Doodle Dandy, looking sharp in harness.

Fun Yankee harness

Dancer and family

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