Belesemo Horses' Achievements

Belesemo Endurance Horses

Belesemo Sapphire and Meg

Maria Phillips photographer

AERC National 100 Mile Champion

AERC National Best Condition Champion and National 100 mile Champion

AERC Regional Best Condition Champion and Regional Pts. Champion

Belesemo Magic x Cal Flaming Emit)
Owned & Ridden by Meg Sleeper, VMD<
AERC National 100 Mile Champions - 1st
AERC National Best Condition Champion - 1st
AERC National War Mare Award - 3rd
AERC NE Region Pts. Champion LW - 1st
Bronze Level, 100 mile Equine Recognition Award
AERC NE Region BC Champion

1,380 AERC miles to date
9 – Best Conditions
11 - 1st place Finishes
20 – Top Ten Placings

Belesemo Sansation


AERC National Jim Jones Reserve Champion

AERC Regional HW Points Champion

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Sansational Lady)
Owned & Ridden by Karri Bruskotter, DVM

AERC National Jim Jones Stallion Champion- 2nd
AERC NE Region Pts. Champion HW - 1st

785 AERC miles to date
12 – Top Tens
4 - 1st Place Finishes
3 – Best Condition Awards

AERC Regional Mileage Champion

(Sanskrit x HCF Angelica)
Owned & Ridden by Claire Godwin, DVM

AERC NE Region Mileage Champion - 1st
AERC NE Region Pts. Champion FW – 7th

800 AERC miles to date
16 rides – 16 completions
8 – Top Tens
1 – Best Condition Award


Belesema Sans Angel and rider

Belesemo Ruby Jewel
Photo:Jala Neufeld


AHA National Top Ten 50 Mile Half Arabian

AHA National Half-Arabian 50 Mile -Junior Champion

AERC Regional Champion Junior Rider - Oregon

(Belesemo Magic x CT Ramblin Rose)
Owned & Ridden by Joslynn Terry – Bred by Marilyn Hornbaker

AERC NW Region Pts. Champion JR - 3rd
PNER Junior Rider - 3rd
PNER Junior – Oregon - 1st

940 AERC miles to date
30 rides – 25 completions
14 – Top Tens

PW September Hero

Becky Pearman photographer

AERC Regional Champion

Legion of Merit

Legion of Honor

(Belesemo Chance x Bahia Almas Zaman)
Ridden by Sophie Cline, Owned by Pat Gowen, Bred by James & Gini Agnew

AERC – SE Region LD Mileage JR – 1st

5,750 AERC miles to date
171 rides – 166 completions
56 – Top Tens
10 - 1st Place Finishes
9 Best Condition Awards
Legion of Merit Award
Legion of Honor Award

B Impresario

2 time - AERC National Champion Pioneer Award Winner - LW & HW

(BA Fantizon x Belesema Gray by Belesemo Trad)
Owned and ridden by Cheryl & Brent Johnson
Last owned and ridden by Kevin Waters

Impresario was one of the most outstanding geldings we have had the opportunity to raise. His National Pioneer Awards are a testament to Cheryl’s, Brent, and Kevin Waters' fantastic abilities as riders. "Rio" was one of a kind.

4435 miles
88 rides — 84 completions
33 Top Tens
6 Best Conditions
AERC National Champion Pioneer Award Winner — LW
AERC National Pioneer Award HVYWT 5th
AERC National Mileage Award &mdash LW Sr. Division 6th
AERC National Husband/ Wife Team Award 7th
AERC Regional Pts. Award SW — 2nd LW
AERC Regional Pts. Award SW — 3rd Overall
AERC National Championship 100 Mile Ride - Top Ten
TEVIS CUP - 14th

Belesemo Impresario and Kevin Water owner / rider at the 2016 TEVIS cup finish line - 14th out of 165 starts.

Belesemo Imresario

BA Fantizon

AERC National Jim Jones Stallion Mileage Champion & AERC Mountain Region Mileage Champion


(RD Arizon x Asa Miss Fantasia)
Champion Stallion - Halter
Owned by Ralph & JoAnn Kewish
Howard, Colorado

A champion halter and most classic head stallion, this beautiful 15.2 hand 9" bone Belesemo bred horse captured the following National titles:
AERC National Jim Jones Stallion Mileage Champion
AERC Mountain Region Mileage Champion - 1st
2,610 endurance miles
55 rides - 51 completions

"My decision to purchase Fantizon as a yearling from Belesemo Arabians was far from rational as I was seeking an older horse and definitely not a stallion. But Fantizon more than validated my emotional decision.

Part of the reason Fantizon does so well is he took care of himself on the rides. He ate, drank, rested when necessary and didn't burn excess energy. He had the energy to go down the trail and he was such a gentleman as a stallion - a marvelous disposition. In addition, we was a wonderful sire.

"His offspring have his disposition, excellent conformation and tremendous bone. Zoni was a pleasure!" JoAnn Kewish

Khandy Khiss

AERC National Champion Pioneer Award - LW


(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Abra Khadabra)
Owned / Ridden by Carey Brock
Delhi, California

AERC National Champion Pioneer Award LW
AERC Regional Western LW - 5th
2720 miles to date
54 completions of 55 rides

Her record includes the following rides:
Grand Canyon Pioneer
Death Valley Warm Up
Death Valley Encounter
Eastern Mojave
Cuyama Oakes
Los Padres
Mount Carmel
Wild West Pioneer

Khandy is currently in the Belesemo Broodmare band.

Belesemo Legacy


AERC National Jr. Mileage Champion


Belesemo Legacy
(Belesemo Trad x Brilliant Tawia)
Owned/ Ridden by Lacey Bainbridge

The most amazing part of this championship is that Lacey turned 9 yrs. old in the middle of their quest, while wearing a cast on her ankle

AERC National Jr. Mileage Champion
1st - PS Region Jr. Mileage Champion
2nd- PS Region Jr. Pts Standings
5th - Pioneer Award Jr. Division
2005 AERC miles

50 miles champions on the trail

AHA National 50 Mile Champion


(Belesemo Trad x Vanity's Dancer)

Ridden by Flora Gertsch.

AHA National Champion 50 Mile Ride
1000+ miles
24 Completions of 25 Rides
14 Top Tens

Finalia and Flora won the AHA 50 Mile Championship Ride after two stellar ride seasons. We so appreciated her taking Finalia down the trail for us. Finalia is now the last producing Belesemo Trad daughter in our broodmare band. Watch for her daughter Belesema Sans Omega and Belesema Olympia out on the trail.

Rizara Magic on trail at AHA Nationals


(Belesemo Magic x Riazara)
Owned and bred by Wally & Merri Bodenhofer and ridden by Kristy Butler

Riazara tied for 5th place. In addition, she tied for 8th place in the Open 50 mile ride. Zara has 625 AERC miles to date.


AHA National Champion Top Ten 50 Mile Horse

(Belesemo Image x Miss Special T)
Rider/owner Chris Samson

2,450 AERC miles
54 completions in 59 rides
26 Top Tens
AHA National Champion 50 Mile Ride 9th
SWIT/DR Mileage Standings - 14th
SWIT/DR - Top 15 Senior Riders - 11th


Photo: Steve Bradley

AHA Regional Champion

Indian Grey Ghost

(Belesemo Chance x Indian Pipe Dream)

2021 Region X – 50 Mile Champion & BC

Ghost & Deb - AHA Regional Champ June 2021

(JA Mosk x TA Bay Essence)
Owned & Ridden by Gordon Garewal, Bred by Catherine Linderman

AERC PS Region: 160 LD Miles AERC – PSW Region LD Mileage Champion SR – 3rd

2,314 AERC miles to date
82 rides – 79 completeions
38 - Top Tens
6 – Best Condition Awards



Belesemo Sans Storm

Steve Bradley photographer

(Sanskrit x RCF Angelica)
Owned & Ridden by Carrie Johnson

PNER – Idaho Senior – 5th
NW Region 100 LD Miles

300 AERC miles to date
12 rides – 12 completions
10 – Top Tens

Belesemo Legacy

Steve Bradley photographer

(Sanskrit x Belesema Mystica)
Owned & Ridden by Julie Bittick

PNER – Montana Senior - 6th

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Meena)
Owned & Ridden by Cherie Garewal

AERC PS Region: 130 LD Miles
50 Endurance Miles

830 AERC miles to date
24 rides – 21 completions
17 - Top Tens




Belesema Ameelia


(Ibn Taam-Rud x Turfa Ghazalah)
Ridden by Bentley French

PNER Junior Rider - 9th
PNER Idaho Junior - 2nd
PNER Junior – LD – Top Three





Belesemo Tradition

AERC National Husband /Wife Team Champion & three AERC Regional Championships

(Belesemo Trad x Velvet Dawn)
Owned by Dean & MJ Jackson
Bluffdale, Utah

"Tradition is nearly perfect as an endurance horse. He's steady, dependable & goes any speed requested. He eats anything, drinks anywhere and looks good at the end. He is one fantastic gelding!"

AERC Awards:
National Husband Wife Team Champion
Mountain Region Mileage Champion
Mountain Region Best Condition Champion
Mountain Region Middleweight Points Champion
Fastest Time on the Outlaw Trail
Wendell Robie Award Winner
Tevis Cup - 8th place

111 rides
105 completions
80 Top Tens
23 1st and 2nd place finishes
18 Best Conditioned Awards

Only horse in Tevis 2000 Top Ten with over 3000 miles and 97% completions. 5,435 competition miles.

Belesemo Extreme

AHA Regional Champion and AHA Eastern Canada Reserve Champion

(Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Exotica)
Owned/Ridden by Lysane Cree

2017 AHA Region 18 Championship-1ST & B.C.
2017 AHA OF Eastern Canada-Reserve Champion
2017 OCTRA Overal Horse-6TH
2017 OCTRA Endurance Horse-10TH

2022 - AHAEC (Arabian Horse Assoc. of Eastern Canada) Reserve Champions in Distance Riding with a score of 99.75

Moon Rocks

AHA National Top Ten Half-Arabian 50 Mile Horse

(Belesemo IBN Trad x CTS Moon Dancer)
Owned/ ridden by Lynn White - Bred by Marilyn Hornbaker

AHA Senior Top Ten Horse / Rider Teams / 50+ miles - 8th
AHA Mileage Standings - 8th
AHA Distance National Championship 12th
985 miles to date
21 completions of 23 rides

LJ Owhee Opal

AHA National Top Ten 100 Mile Ride

(Belesemo Image x Siyata Jauhar)
Owned/Ridden by Tom Currier – Bred by Rick/Carol Brand


1310 AERC Miles
23 completions of 23 rides
14 Top Tens
5 Best Conditions
Big Horn 100 - 13th
Tatman Mountain 100 - 1st & BC

Belesemo Dude


(Belesemo Image x Nature’s Quicksilver)
Ridden by Merri Melde – Owned by Steph Teeter

AERC National Championship 50 Mile Ride – 16TH
SWIT/DR Points – 8TH
SWIT/DR Horse/Rider Mileage – 9TH

HHR Jammazon


(HH Flashazon x Jafari HH)
RD Arizon grandson
Owned/ridden by Tamara Baysinger

Bred by Hexagon Horseshoe


Bred by Hexagon Horseshoe Ranch and Sold by Belesemo Arabians, is an RD Arizon grandson, owned and ridden by Tamara Baysinger. Jammer also reached a 1000 miles in addition to completing his first 100 mile ride at Sun River and a Best Condition this summer.

1,170 miles
21 completions in 21 rides

chance of freedom

AERC Regional Jr. LD Pts. Champion

Chance of Freedom
(Belesemo Chance x Gaila Breeze)
Breeders - James/ Gini Agnew
Rider – Lily Turaskl

2380 AERC Miles to Date
80 Completions of 81 Rides
AERC National Jr. LD Champion
1st – SW Region Jr. LD Mileage



This wonderful gelding has a fantastic story beginning with his breeders James & Gini Agnew of South Carolina. They acquired his sire, Belesemo Chance (Belesemo Trad x Sunrise Feylene) as a baby from Belesemo Arabians, when they were willing to take a chance on him as a stallion prospect after he was stepped on at the age of 3 days and survived a broken leg plated with steel and screws. James & Gini bred Chance to their mares which produced Chance of Freedom and started Chance on his great endurance career. He was ridden to his National Champion Junior LD win by 10 yr. old Lily Turaski. What a wonderful accomplishment.

Belesemo Geronimo

(Belesemo Obsidian x Allie Kazam)

Owned/Ridden by Maria Kilgo – Bred by Kathy Ginther
2017 SWIT/DR - Senior Horse/Rider LD - 5TH
2016 AERC NW Region Seniors LD Mileage - 6TH
2016 SWIT/DR LD Horse/Rider Mileage – 3RD
2016 SWIT/DR 500+ Mile Award Champion



B Natasha +

Lynn Glazer Photography

(Belesemo Image x Sunrise Feyleyn)
Owned & Ridden by Anne Sands
Bolinas, California

This outstanding young mare is a 3rd generation example of Belesemo breeding and has been taken to the top by her great rider/owner. We salute them for their wonderful placing's this past year and look forward to reporting many additional miles for them.

2,395 miles to date
53 rides — 48 completions
5th — 2009 National AERC Pioneer Award winner — FW
10th — AERC West Region Pts. Award winner — FW
Legion of Honor

Belesema Rosetta

(Belesemo Magic x JY Solysa)
Owned & Ridden by Andie Holstrom
Renton, Washington

A wonderful mare that is the epitome of our breeding program, we’ll let her owner
speak for us.

“Sadie is my best friend and truly the nicest horse I’ve ever known - in her being and in her athleticism. I love her!”   Andie Holstrom

Congratulations on your placing's to date:

1,835 miles to date
39 rides — 33 completions
8 Top Tens
4th — NW Region Mileage — FW

B Rosetta

Belesemo Star Ebony

AHA National Top Ten Half-Arabian

(Belesemo Obsidian x Belesema Star Komet)
Ridden by Jessica Huber
2017 AHA National 50 Mile Half-Arabian Championship -4TH

Belesema Replika

Steve Bradley Photography

PNER Sophmore Endurance Horse of the Year

(Belesemo Farwa x Diamond Dancer by Las Trad)
Owned by Belesemo Arabians
Ridden by Amanda Washington

Our thanks to first Jim & Vicci Archer and then Amanda Washington for taking Replika to her outstanding ride completions for us in just her second year out on the trail.

2155 miles to date
41 rides — 41 completions

AERC - NW Region - 3rd place FW pts
PNER - 17th place - FW pts
PNER - 3rd place - Idaho pts
SWIT & DR - 3rd place Senior

Belesema Tradmark

(Belesemo Image x Baskett de Color)
Owned & Ridden by Brent & Cheryl Johnson
Prescott, Arizona

This wonderful pinto colored gelding is a heavyweight horse supreme. He has been masterfully guided to his mileage and great ride completions by his super owners. We look forward to more of him on the trail in the future.

1,590 miles to date
34 rides — 33 completions
4 Top Tens
7th place - National Husband Wife Team Winners

(Belesemo Magic x Tayyar by Skowroneks Antez)
Owned by Sue Basham
Cheyenne, Wyoming

This fabulous mare is well on her way to becoming the top endurance horse she was bred to be. With two Tevis Cup Completions, she has proven her blood lines. Her rides have included Rushcreek Reunion Ride, Tevis Cup, and Moab. Her ride records includes 10 top ten finishes, including several 1st and BC awards.

1100 miles to date
28 rides - 23 completions
3rd FW for Mtn region
8th overall in Mtn region

Belesema Tayyara day one Tevis Cup

Day One B Tayyara

Belesema Tayyara

CP Scorch

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x CP Sensation)
Bred/ Owned by Chuck and Pamela Stalley
Ridden by Jennifer Stalley
Auburn, California

This young, colorful part-bred gelding is just beginning his endurance career and is a wonderful product of his bloodlines. Congratulations to the Stalley family for producing him. We expect to see great things from him in the future.

640 AERC miles to Date
12 Completions of 13 rides
Tevis Cup finisher


CP Scorch

Belesemo Bolero

AERC National Husband/Wife Team Champion

(Belesemo Trad x Albacin Karma)
Owned by Brent and Cheryl Johnson
Prescott, AZ

3,645 Miles
76 rides, 71 completions
7 Best Conditions
24 Top Tens
AERC National Husband/Wife Team Champion
AERC National Champion - Best Condition - 9th
SW Region Best Condition Champion - 3rd
SW Region Heavyweight Points Champion - 3rd
Pioneer Award Heavyweight 8th

A fabulous gelding with a legendary career. Bolero is the epitome of our breeding program. His rides have included Color country, Hell's Kitchen, Grand Canyon Pioneer, Quichapa lake, XP Ft Schelllbourne, Scipio Trails, among others.


Land of the Sun Endurance Ride
Photo by Photography by Laura

Belesemo Bolero

Belesemo Bolero

(Overlook Farwa x Baskulaana)
Owned & Ridden by Lyle Capps
New Hill, North Carolina

A great gelding made in the image of his Abu Farwa bloodlines, Legend has proven his longevity on the trail. Congratulations to his owner/rider Lyle Capps for his outstanding record.

3145 miles to date
9 Top Tens
8th place — SE Region Middleweight Mileage Award


(Belesemo Trad x Almost Paradyze)
Bred and Owned by Ralph & JoAnn Kewish

2715 miles
61 completions out of 58 rides
7 top ten placing's
MRER Husband / Wife Team Award
MRER 3 Member Team Award
MRER Heavyweight 3rd Place
Colorado Horse Rider of the Year Award


This one of a kind gelding was bred by Kismet Arabians. Ridden by a heavyweight, Dancer has compiled an amazing record.

Belesema Resemblance

Steve Bradley Photography

Belesema Resemblance


(Belesemo Reflkshn x Latricia by Las Trad)
Owned & Ridden by A.D. Williams
Prescott, Arizona

A gelding made in the image of his heavy Crabbet bloodlines this great gelding has
excelled at the LD and 50 mile distances. Congratulations to his owner A.D. Williams
for his great rides. We expect to see more of them out on the trail.

2nd - SW Region Heavyweight
1,945 miles to date
25 Top Tens
6 place — SW Region Seniors —
Limited Distance

Belesemo Enferno
Belesemo Enferno

Steve Bradley Photography

(Zirah Shartan x Belesema Fadtastk)
Owned by Garrett Ford
Tucson, Arizona

A large heavyweight gelding, Enferno has been coming on strong to become a main
competitor out on the trail. With his power, size and breeding we expect great things from him in the future.

865 miles to date
19 rides — 17 completions
10 Top Ten placing's
2011 Tevis Cup Finish

Sold to the United Arab Emirates


(Overlook Farwa x Triad Silver Tess)
Owned by Lyle Capps
New Hill, North Carolina

This royally bred mare is beginning to make a name for herself in the endurance community. Competing in the 2000 mile cross country XP Pony Express race, she completed 600 miles. We expect to hear great things from her in the future.

650 miles to date
6 top tens
3 -1st places
13 out of 14 ride completions

Belesema Martika

(Belesemo Trad x Triad Silver Tess)
Owned by James and Gini Agnew
Piedmont, SC

AERC Southeast Region Heavyweight Champion
AERC Southeast Region Mileage Champion
SERA Mileage Champion
SERA High Point Champion
3 Best Condition Awards
1,375 endurance miles under a heavyweight rider

"Martika has proven to be awesome. We weighed in at 233 lbs. for Best Condition. Thanks for such a great horse. Martika is everything we thought she could be. A real winner."
James Agnew


Belesemo Malik
Belesemo Malik

(Belesemo Trad x GG Monserrat)
Owned by Debby Lyon - [photo]
San Luis Obispo, California

1,470 miles to date
29 completions out of 31 rides, including the Tevis Cup
4 top ten placing's

"I couldn't be more pleased with Malik's performance. He has an outstanding trail attitude and good recoveries. I LOVE HIM!"    Debby Lyons

Belesema Flirtasia

AERC Regional Mileage Champion & AERC Regional Husband/Wife Team Champion

(Belesemo Trad x Krija Beden)
Owned by Dean Jackson (AERC Director & Regional Mileage Champion)
Bluffdale, Utah

In Memoriam...
U.S. National Mileage Champion
U.S. National Husband/Wife Team Champion

"Flirt followed her competition into vet checks and beat them all out. Her P&R's dropped like a rock." Dean Jackson

4045 Miles
80 rides, 77 completions
52 Top Ten awards
9 Best Conditions
11 1st and 2nd place finishes

(Belesemo Image x Triad Silver Tess)
Owned & Ridden by Tandi Gaul
Dewey, Arizona

This fabulous young mare is both a paternal and maternal sister to National and Regional AERC champions. She is following in the footsteps of her siblings and we expect to see a lot more of her and Tandi out on the trail in the future. Watch for them at the rides.

525 miles to date
10 rides — 10 completions

Belesema Keepsake

(Overlook Farwa x Lady Agatha Trad by Belesemo Trad)
Owned by Louise Mahoney

In Memoriam...

23 out of 24 completions
13 Top 20 placing's
1,120 competitive miles
6 Top Ten Placing's

"She had only just begun"

Our sympathies are extended to her owner Louise Mahoney, on the loss of this great, young mare.


(Belesemo Trad x Naliza)
Owned by Sue Brown
Marysville, WA

A great gelding, this outstanding horse again proves the trail superiority of Belesemo Trad stock. In his first real competitive season, this wonderful gelding logged enough miles to place in the following:

3rd place (tied) Sophomore Horse of the Year Award
Sandybaar Award for having 10 or more consecutive completions

His ride record to date includes:
2,130 miles
48 rides, 42 completions

Congratulations to:
His breeder - Michael Bowling
His owner - Sue Brown
His rider - Aarene Storms

Watch for this outstanding gelding on the trail. I guarantee you'll see more of him.

Belesemo Fire Flame

(Belesemo Farwa x Kharibia)

owned and ridden by Corey Clinton
Santa Fe, New Mexico

This outstanding gelding is one to watch for on the trail as he joins forces with Pioneer Award winner Corey Clinton.

To date Flame has 1695 miles
34 Completions of 34 Rides
9 Top Ten placing's
2nd - SW Region Fthwt. Points
8th - National Pioneer Award - Fthwt.

Belesemo Mulaana

(Belesemo Trad x Mulaana)
Owned by Belesemo Arabians

In Memoriam - 1992 to 2010

3rd (tied) - Sophomore Horse Award
2nd - Husband/Wife Award (part of the team)
5th - Rider Mileage Award (part of 2-horse team)
6 Top Ten Placing's
1,010 miles

Mulaana had an outstanding ride career with 21 ride completions and 1010 miles. Her placing's included the following, under the wonderful guidance of Dean Jackson:
Color Country Pioneer - 11th
Hell's Kitchen - 8th
FT Howes - 14th
Grand Canyon Pioneer I - 5th
Grand Canyon Pioneer II - 3rd
Color Country Pioneer - 6th
Mt Carmel XP - 3rd
Hell's Kitchen - 9th


(Overlook Farwa x TF Shiko Charriko)
Owned by Kyle Gibbon

1430 recorded miles
38 rides, 30 completions
11 Top Ten Placing's

Career highlights include:
AERC National Championship Ride - 5th, Junior Division
1st (tied) Midwest Mileage Champion, Junior Division
1st UMECRA, Junior Division
1st AHDRA, Junior Division
2nd Midwest Regional Points Standing
2nd GLDRA Junior Division
1st GLDRA Junior Division
2nd Midwest Mileage Champion, Junior Division
3rd (tied) Midwest Regional Points Standing, Junior Division

Belesema Arizona

(RD Arizon x Triad Silver Tess)

Owned by Belesemo Arabians
Ridden by Cheryl Johnson

Our thanks to Cheryl Johnson of Prescott, Arizona, for taking this outstanding mare to 10 rides with 10 ride completions for Belesemo Arabians.

Arizona shows the versatility of the Belesemo Arabians by competing in several down through the years prior to her trail career. She is undefeated in Most Classic Head Classes and has numerous top placing's at halter.

Arizona is now back home in the Belesemo broodmare band passing on her great characteristics to the next generations.

Belesema Arizona

Belesema Keepsake

(Belesemo Trad x TF Shiko Charriko)
Owned by Kathy and Charlie Hallbrook
Ochlocknee, Georgia

730 miles
14 rides, 14 completions
River Run Elevator Ride - Comp.
Gator Run Pioneer - Comp.
Camp Osborne - 17th
Lost Possee - 16th
Million Pines Classic - Comp.
Liberty Run Pioneer - 16th
Alabama Yellowhammer - 14th
River Run - Comp.

Belesemo Sundancer

(RD Arizon x Latricia by Las Trad)
Owned by Tom Gower

A wonderful representative of our breeding program this large, fantastic gelding is becoming a familiar sight in the Midwest.

Placing 1st and 2nd in some of his rides we predict you will see much more of this flashy bay out on the trail.

Ridden by a Junior Rider:
Placing's (Overall/Junior):
Rock River 14th / 2nd
Spook Run 24th / 1st
KY Diehards 14th / 3rd
Gator Run 18th / 1st
City Slickers 16th / 5th
Chicken Chase 11th / 3rd

1,070 Miles to date
12 Top Ten Placing's

(Belesemo Trad x Fadjee)
Owned by Sherry Lozon

Tusocs is an outstanding gelding that has completed 1220 competitive miles on the endurance trail.

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