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2015 Sales List

The 2015 foals have arrived - 4 fillies and 3 colts. Watch for future photos.

2014 Foal Heaven [Click to see video]


(Belesemo Magic x Farwa Parada)

This coming 2 yr old colt is the last son of Belesemo Magic. A sibling to multiple endurance and sport horse champions, this colt is the last of his line. The prudent purchaser would take advantage of his outstanding CMK pedigree. One of the few heavy Abu Farwa youngsters, his dam is one of the last producing Abu Farwa granddaughters in the world. He is a sibling to multiple national sporthorse and endurance winners, and his phenomenal movement ensures his success in both divisions. He is a treasure in the Arabian breeding and performance world whose future is assured. We would like to retain breedings if he is purchased as a stallion.

Congratulations to Desiree McKenzie of Lone Butte, British Columbia, Canada on her purchase of this wonderful colt. We expect great things from him out on the trail and as Desiree's herd sire of the future. Belesemo Arabians so believes in this young stallion that we have retained future breedings in him.

(Sanskrit x RCF Angelica)

This gorgeous colt is the one that will follow in his winning sire's footsteps for the future endurance and show ring accolades. Tall and leggy, Storm will be an athlete supreme and be at the top of his game whatever discipline you decide to go with him. His illustrious pedigree screams performance at the highest level and his personality and conformation will take him far. Fantastic legs and feet are some of this colt's trademarks and he is a sibling to multiple endurance and sport horse champions. He is one of the last Sanskrit offspring available.

Congratulations to Carrie Johnson of Meridian, Idaho, on her purchase of this outstanding colt. They will be a great future team.

(Belesemo Obsidian x Midnight Lyric)

This wonderful, solid black son of Obsidian could be your next herd sire or trail companion. His sweet personality has him always leaving the horse herd to be a “people horse”. Although he looks black/bay in this video, it was taken this summer during 100 degree heat and he is a true black as is his dam. He will mature around 15 hands and be that fantastic companion horse that everyone is looking for. He will be a top competitor in the show ring in sport horse classes or going down the trail. Price right for the individual wanting a stallion or top gelding.


(Belesemo Reflkshn x Miss Special T)

This great mare is the horse everyone is looking for right now. She has done seven 50 mile rides in the past 18 months and is raring to go back out on the trail. Standing 15.1, she is bred to be a top competitor in the sport and her heavy CMK breeding insures her ability to get the job done. Although she was started into endurance later in life, at 12 years old she has many years ahead of her as a top mount for the serious competitor. She is client owned and offered and ready to make her mark in the sport of endurance

Congratulations to Carrie Johnson of Boise, Idaho, on her purchase of this great endurance mare. This is Carrie's second purchase of a Belesemo horse and we are looking forward to watching them eat up the trail miles.

(Belesemo Image x Mark's Tern by Rushcreek Mark)

This fabulous 10 year old mare is one of our premier offerings. Large bodied, standing 15.2 , she could easily be a heavy weight mare. Bred in the purple as a granddaughter of both Belesemo Trad and Rushcreek Mark, her pedigree shouts endurance. She has already completed 2 LD rides and is ready for 50's. She is the horse all endurance riders currently are looking for. Outstanding bone and solid conformation with go down the trail attitude, makes her a future star.

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Belesema Excella)

This fantastic filly is one that will make your heart go bump. Amazing presence, people personality and great size are all attributes that make her the pick of the farm when visitors come to call. Absulutely straight legs, extreme bone and top feet are just some of her attributes as well as her unusual sabino coloring. She will be eye catching both out on the trail or in the ring, and will be a top competitor in both areas. Her siblings are already sweeping up honors in both the sport horse world as well as out on the trail. She will mature well over 15.2 hands.

Congratulations to Tamera Baysinger of Caldwell, Idaho. This is Tamera's second horse from Belesemo Arabians. We expect great things from them in the future.

(Sanskrit x Best Actress by Regal Actor)

This fabulous filly is not only gorgeous but will have great size, wonderful legs and body and will be at home in the show ring or out on the trail. Her million dollar face with large eyes is the epitome of type in today's show ring and her breeding will make her at home in show ring performance or out on the trail. This filly is world class and her price reflects her quality. She is a sibling to multiple national champion endurance and sport horses and will follow in their steps. For someone wanting the creme de la creme of our foal crop, she is it

Congratulations to Carlos Llermos of Columbia, South America on his purchase of this once in a lifetime filly. We expect great things in the future from this filly and know she will be a foundation broodmare for Carlos in her new country.

(BA Fantizon x Belesema Shady Lady)

This fabulous 9 year old, 15.1 hand BA Fantzon daughter is a trail horse supreme, whose wonderful attitude makes her a joy to own. Sired by a national champion endurance stallion and out of a Belesemo Trad daughter, she enjoys LD and trail riding, but thinks distance riding should be done by someone else. The sweetest mare on the place, she can be ridden by anyone and is a true joy to have around. She would also make a wonderful mother for anyone looking for a broodmare prospect.

(Belesemo Magic x Cal's Flaming Emit by Flaming Tigre)

This bold, upright 3 year old mare is headed to the top with her fabulous pedigree. Her dam is imported from South America and was an alternate for the World Endurance Team with 11- 1st place wins and multiple Top Tens and BC's. Her sire is a well known sire of multiple endurance horses, making this filly's pedigree one of the most unique and guaranteed young trail horses available. If you are wanting to bet on a sure future, this filly is the one. She currently stands 15.2 hands and will be a potential heavyweight horse. She is a horse for the serious endurance competitor.

Congratulations to Carlos Llermos of Columbia, South America, on his purchase of this outstanding young mare. She is currently in training with John Crandell in Virginia and we expect to see great things from her out on the trail with her breeding and abilities.

(Sanskrit x Belesema Excella by Zirah Shartan)

A sweet 3 year old mare, this Sanskrit daughter has a smooth, lose shouldered way of movement. Absolutely correct, sweet disposition and a future powerhouse, she will be the mare everyone is looking for in the future. Both parents stand well over 15.2 hands and are heavyweight horses and she will be the same. Perfect legs and feet complete the picture, along with an outstanding performance pedigree. She is a sibling to many endurance winners, including three 2013 Tevis finishers. She will be a very classic grey mare upon maturity lending her a striking appearance in the sport horse world or out on the trail.

Congratulation to Vicki Weiper of Bridger, Montana of her purchase of Lusi. We expect to see her and Lusi burning up the trail in the future.

(Belesemo Magic x Antyfa by Skowronek's Antez)

This coming 5 yr. old mare has some of the last, best CMK bloodlines available. Sired by Belesemo Magic and out of the last, living 100% Kellogg mare, “Tigger” has the pedigree to excel out on the trail. Standing 14.2 hands she will be a lightweight rider's dream horse. She is a sibling to multiple endurance horses that are currently out on the trail doing extremely well, including Belesema Tayyara and Belesema Anna. We haven't had a chance to start her under saddle yet, so have her priced right for the rider who is not afraid of taking a young horse and starting them down the trail. She is one of the sleeper's on our sales list. There will be no more Belesemo Magic daughters.

(Eternety x Elijahs Sukari)

This beautiful, extreme, tall mare is one that will take your breath away out on the trail or in the show ring. Anya could be a dressage horse supreme with her floating way of moving, as well as her upright neck and beautiful face. Standing close to 15.3 hands, and coming 9 in 2015, Anya has the size and elegance so needed in the dressage arena. She is uniquely bred and sweepstakes nominated and could be your next pleasure trail mount as well. This mare is not cheap but fairly priced for her extreme quality.

Congratulations to Mona Tobias of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on her purchase of this phenomenal mare. We expect to see a great showing in the dressage ring from this pair in the future.

(Belesemo Obsidian x Halima Phanneko)

This exquisite, coming 4 year old, one of a kind black filly will be a show filly / mare supreme. Attitude and "look at me" presence insures her place in the world's show rings and new owner's heart. Ultra classic and super movement makes her the black everyone is looking for. If black is your passion, this Crabbet/ Egyptian cross filly will steal your heart. One of the few blacks of this caliber currently available she could show on an international level, as well as excel out on the trail.


(Belesemo Ibn Trad x Mariahs Rising Sun)

This fabulous filly will take your breath away with her amazing trot, upright neck and phenomenal feet and legs. A typical Belesemo Ibn Trad daughter she will follow in the footsteps of her sport horse and endurance winning siblings. She will be as close as you can come to “betting on a sure thing” when it comes to her abilities in either endurance or the sport horse world. Her “people personality” makes her an instant hit on the farm and she will mature into a 15.1 to 15.2 hand gorgeous mare. We call her the “queen of trot” and if you are looking for a future horse to bring up behind your already existing trail horse, she is the one you don't want to miss.

Congratulations to Sharon Becker of Durham, North Carolina, on her purchase of Aurora. This is Sharons third Belesemo horse and we know she has a great future in Sharon's hands.

(Belesemo Magic x Mariah'srisingsun by MM Global)

This beautiful headed 3 year old filly is one of the last Belesemo Magic daughters that everyone is seeking out. She is fabulous in conformation and structure and will be not only a great competitor, but also a wonderful broodmare for anyone interested in breeding her in the future. She is a sibling to Tevis, Big Horn and 5-day completion horses. Her bloodlines are some of the best, with multiple lines to Abu Farwa and some Russian breeding. With Moment's ground covering trot, smooth body, and chiseled head, she could be the foundation mare of a great breeding program as well as a a great competition horse.

(NV Elite by Beh Shah x PNA Galaxie Rose)

This gorgeous Bey Shah granddaughter has extreme movement, face and that wonderful Bey Shah “look at me” attitude. A Crabbet/Polish cross pedigree makes her a wonderful future broodmare as well as a top prospect in dressage or hunter. Coming 14 yrs. old in 2015 she has been shown in the past and been a Class A Grand Champion Mare. She has the typical Bey Shah pop eyes and face and stands over 15 hands. She is also sweepstakes nominated for producing sweepstakes foals.

(BA Fantizon x Almost Paradyze)

This beautiful dapple grey mare is sired by a national champion endurance stallion out of a winning endurance mare that has produced noted endurance offspring as well. Originally bred and sold by Belesemo Arabrians, Sax suffered a career ending endurance injury but could be lightly trail ridden. Currently 9 yrs. Old she would be ideal for anyone wanting to start a top endurance breeding program. Her beautiful face and eyes along with her wonderful legs and feet make her a top breeding prospect. She is foal to Sanskrit (deceased) for 2016.

(National Fame x Pommery by Padron)

This 8 year old 15.1 hand Fame VF+ daughter is an awe inspiring moving machine. She could go in the showring or out on the trail. She is ready to be started under saddle and will make a phenomenal broodmare as well. Large bodied, excellent legs and feet, with national champions galore in her pedigree, she is a definite show off. She will make an impression where ever she goes. Rose foaled a stunning bay Belesemo IBN Trad colt for 2015.

(Belesemo Reflkshn x O Crystal Bey by Bey Oro)

 A beautiful, 15.3 hand 13 yr. old chestnut mare that would be absolutely fantastic out on the trail or in sport horse classes.  Totally CMK breeding on the top with multiple crosses to Abu Farwa she is out of a Bey Oro  daughter that is Varian breeding on the bottom.  Size 1 feet, absolutely fabulous movement and a prime age makes her one of the most sought after horses on our sales list.  She has been ridden on trails extensively this past year and is ready to go and do.   Big and bold moving and a sweet temperament are her trademarks.  She is not cheap, but is worth the money.

(Regal Actor JP x Sanadika El Shaklan)

This stunning 9 yr. old bay mare is a Region V Reserve Grand Champion halter mare. Standing 15.1+ hands she is a show mare supreme and worthy of being the foundation mare for any breeding program. Wonderful body, legs, and feet are her trade mark with a truly classic head. Client owned and offered, she is not cheap but well worth her asking price, as she has a stunning 2014 bay Sanskrit filly on her side shown above. This filly has three crosses to EL Shaklan and is absolutely phenomenal. Pictures and video of filly to come. She is in foal to Sanskrit (deceased) for 2016 for a full sibling to the spectacular Belesema Mona Lisa - recently sold to South America.

(Sundance Kid V x Impressions Onyx)

The beautiful black mare is indicative of her Varian Breeding and will be a top producer in the right hands. She has wonderful movement, great legs and feet and has already been a Reserve Grand Champion halter mare. Lakhota stands 15.2+ and has large, dark eyes with great neck and show ring attitude. She could be a great dressage horse or broodmare for the person wanting to “go all the way”. Coming 14 in 2015 she is the tent personality that everyone looks for in their broodmares. She has several lines to black and is also sweepstakes nominated.


BELESEMO TRAD – (Las Trad x Alla Mem) – Deceased
BELESEMO EPIC+++/ -  (Belesemo Trad x Khezzara by Mar-Khe)
BELESEMO MAGIC – (Belesemo Trad x Zimara by Ga’zi) - Deceased
BELESEMO IMAGE – (Belesemo Trad x Farweynea by Antezeyn Skowronek)
BELESEMO IBN TRAD – (Belesemo Trad x Velvet Dawn)
BELESEMO FARWA – (Belesemo Trad x Miss Nateza by Abu Farwa) -Deceased
BELESEMO OBSIDIAN – (RD Arizon x Velvet Dawn)
SANSKRIT - (*El Shaklan x KA Samantha) -Deceased
RD ARIZON – (Perlezon x NaWarda by Comar Garit) – Deceased
BA FANTIZON – (RD Arizon x ASA Miss Fantasia by *Barich de Washoe)- Deceased


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