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2014 National Highlights for Belesemo Line Horses

2014 AHA National Champions 50 mile ride
- Belesema Finalia ridden by Flora Gertsch

2014 Reserve National Champion Sport Horse Yrlg. Colt
El Ghaddei Habibi sired by Belesemo Obsidian -
owned by Kathleen Shuler

2014 National Top Ten Sport Horse 2 Yr. Old Colts/Geldings
Belesemo Iron Man - owned by Julie Gelderman


2014 National Top Ten Sport Horse Stallions, Dressage ATH
2014 National Top Ten Sport Horse Stallions, Hunter ATH
2014 National Top Ten Sport Horse Stallions, Hunter Open
BR Gold Sovereign

Silver City & City of Rocks Ride Results

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End of an era

This has been an incredible year for highs and lows at Belesemo Arabian Ranch.

The lows have included losing some of the greatest endurance siring stallions in the breed.

We said goodbye to both BELESEMO MAGIC (Belesemo Trad x Zimara) and SANSKRIT (*El Shaklan x KA Samantha)
Both of these stallions were an integral part of Belesemo Arabians' breeding program and considered some of the greatest living endurance sires. We are thankful to the Equine Magazine, Just Horses for including a special tribute to both of these great horses.  You can read it here in the November Issue of Just Horses

end of an era


BA Fantizon

BA Fantizon
(RD Arizon x ASA Miss Fantasia)

We were also just recently informed of the loss of BA FANTIZON (RD Arizon x ASA Miss Fantasia)  a  United States National Champion Endurance Stallion, bred by Belesemo Arabians and owned by Kismet Arabians in Howard, Colorado.  “Zoni” was purchased by JoAnn & Ralph Kewish as a yearling colt from us and they campaigned him to his National Champion Endurance Stallion win.  His sale resulted in a lifelong friendship of 23 years that we highly treasure. 

 Along with his National Endurance Championship, Zoni had 2,640 actual AERC miles, in addition to Champion Halter Stallion and Most Classic Head wins in the show ring. Zoni has played an integral role in Belesemo Arabians' breeding program down through the years by returning to stand for service here on several occasions.  We have several of his wonderful daughters in our broodmare band.  His loss is deeply felt and our sympathies are extended to JoAnn & Ralph.


But we also have much to be thankful for this year with the arrival of a new stallion and Belesemo Arabians' wins and placings throughout the endurance and sport horse worlds.


We are pleased to announce the arrival in September of BR GOLD SOVEREIGN (*Seffer x PR Silvern Dream) an almost 100% pure Crabbet Arabian stallion from Sojourn Arabians in Pulaski, Tennessee.  Before arriving at Belesemo Arabians Sovereign was the Region XII Reserve Champion Sport Horse Stallion In Hand and Top Five in the Sport Horse Stallion, ATH.

Since coming to Belesemo Arabians' in September, Sovereign claimed the titles of:
U.S. National Top Ten Sport Horse Stallion In Hand, Hunt Type Open
U.S. National Top Ten Sport Horse Stallion In Hand, Dressage Type, ATH
U.S. National Top Ten Sport Horse Stallion In Hand, Hunt Type, ATH

BR Gold Sovereign trot
BR Gold Sovereign awards
BR Gold Sovereign award trot


Our special thanks are extended to Tom & Cindy Lempp of Sojourn Arabians in Pulaski, Tennessee, for allowing us to add Sovereign to our breeding program, Danny Thompson of Bellavistae Equestrien Center in Eagleville, Tennessee, and Bob Bennett of Three Oaks Training Center in Swansea, South Carolina, for showing him for us at the sport horse nationals.

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What a fantastic year 2014 has been so far for Belesemo Arabians and friends.  And it's not over yet . . !

At the recent 2014 AHA National Champion Endurance Ride, Belesema Finalia (Belesemo Trad x Vanity's Dancer) and rider Flora Gertsch were the

2014 AHA National 50 Mile Champions

 belesema Finalia andd Flora Gertsch

Finalia's awards

Photos by Steve Bradley

50 miles champions on the trail 

Congratulations to both of them for a job well done!

At the same ride, Owyhee Canyonlands. in the regular endurance ride portion several Belesemo Arabian horses and their riders also participated as follows:  Congratulations to all of you on your placings!!  We so appreciate all the riders/owners that have helped put Belesemo Arabians on the map!

(Belesemo Trad x Vanity's Dancer by *Silver Vanity)
Ridden by Flora Gertsch
2014 AHA National Champion 50 Mile Horse
3rd  – Day 3 - 50– AERC Ride

(Belesemo Ibn Trad x CTS Moon Dancer)
Owned/Ridden by Lynn White
12th (Tied) – Day 1 – AERC Ride
13th – Day 2 – AERC Ride

(Belesemo Image x Natures Quick  Silver)
Ridden by Merri Melde/Owned by Steph Teeter
10th – Day 2 – AERC Ride

(Belesemo Image x Antyfa)
Owned/Ridden by Chris Samson
9th – Day 3 – 50 AERC Ride

2014 U.S. National Champion Sport Horse Show

And, at the 2014 U.S. National Champion Sport Horse Show held the exact same weekend, Belesemo line horses received the following accolades as well:

iron man award
reserve champion
BR gold


Belesemo Iron Man

(Belesemo Magic x Princess Tiniya)
Owned by Julie Gelderman 

El Ghaddei Habibi
(Belesemo Obsidian x Sultanas Diamond)
Owned/Bred by Kathleen Shuler

BR Sovereign Gold

(*Seffer x PR Silver Dream)
Owned by Belesemo Arabians

Congratulations Eternel Indian Summer

Eternel Indian Summer

And proving the versaility of bloodlines within the Belesemo arabian herd for producing both sport horses and endurance horses is PRINCESS TINIYA, a Belesemo arabian broodmare that produced both a 2014 National Top Ten sport horse in Belesemo Iron Man and 2014 National Top Ten Endurance Horse in Eternel Indian Summer, who took 3rd on the AHA National Champion 50 Mile Ride. 

Congratulations to Amanda Washington for the ride, Jackie Hafla for breeding Tiniya and Cathy Linderman for breeding Indy.

Indian Summer Award

2014 Grand Canyon 5 Day Ride

Continuing their stellar endurance career is Carey Brock and Belesema Khandy Khiss (Belesemo Ibn Trad x Abra Khadabra) on their 5 day completion once again of the 2014 Grand Canyon ride. This phenomenal pair continues to amaze and we always look forward to their fantastic rides together. Congratulations to both of them on a job well done!

on the trail khandy khiss 
grand canyon ride carey and khandy khiss grand canyon 

belesemo enchanter and olga chernuk

Belesemo Enchanter

News from Northeast Quebec, Canada, includes Belesemo Enchanter (Belesemo Magic x Brilliant Tawia) and Olga Chernuk completing their first 50 mile together. We are expecting to have more from this great pair in the future.

2014 City of Rocks Ride Results

At the recent City of Rocks endurance ride held in Almo, Idaho, Belesemo Arabian Horses had a stellar representation. During the 3 day ride, 5 Belesemo horses competed and finished with amazing results. On the 50, Merrie Melde riding Belesemo Dude and Lynn White riding Belesemo Moon tied for 10th, Flora Gertsch riding Belesema Finalia took 2nd, Elicia Kamburg riding Belesema Specialty took 9th, and Roxanne Hafla riding Belesemo Onyx took 4th and 8th on two days of LD. Congratulations to all of them. Read more about it in Merrie Melde's blog The Equestrian Vagabond. Photos courtesy of Steve Bradley.

Belesema SpecialtyPhoto: Steve Bradley
Onyx at City of Rocks
Photo: Steve Bradley
Belesema Dude
Photo: Steve Bradley
Belesema Specialty & Elicia Kamburg
Belesemo Onyx & Roxanne Hafla
Belesemo Dude & Merrie Melde
Belesemo Moon at City of Rocks
Photo: Steve Bradley
B Finalia
Photo: Steve Bradley

Belesema Finalia & Flora Gertsch
Belesemo Moon & Lynn White

2014 Silver City Ride Results

At the new Silver City ride held in Idaho this summer, a unique placing for Belesemo horses occurred. On the 50 miler, Belesema Epic Diva with Flora Gertch riding place 9th, Belesema Finalia with Bethany Sargent riding place 10th, Belesemo Dude with Merrie Melde riding placed 11th, and Belesemo Moon with Lynn White riding placed 12th. All four of these horses and riders epitomized the "to finish is to win" motto of AERC and we are so proud of their accomplishments. Read more about this ride in Merrie Melde's blog The Equestrian Vagabond here.

Belesemo Epic Diva at Silver City 
Belesema Dude at Silver City 

Belesema Epic Diva & Bethany Sargent
Belesema Finalia & Flora Gertch

Belesemo Dude & Merrie Melde
Belesemo Moon & Lynn White

2014 Western Idaho State Fair

At the recent state fair, 2 previous Belesemo horses competed with their junior riders in the 4-H division with amazing results.

Shown here are Nationaul with Natalie Nash and Myza with Tiffany Tarbet. Nationaul won several events with Natalie in a 4H exhibition at the fairgrounds. He won 1st place in English equitation, 2nd place in Western equitation and 3rd place in ground poles.

Nash at Western Idaho Fair

Myza and Tiffany competed in Western riding, showmanship, and costume with the following results:

  • Intermediate Showmanship is with the traffic cone.

  • Costume -- Myza was Miss Arabian.

  • Tiffany and Kayla (both from the same 4H club) -- in bareback equitation

All horses lined up for the Judge at then end of bareback equitation.  Myza got seventh place and a red ribbon out of the whole line of horses in the photo. What a fantastic showing their first year together as a beginning rider and retired Belesemo brood mare.

We are so proud of both of these horses and their junior competitors.

Tiffany and Kayla
Miss Arabian
Myza at fair Tiffany Myza at fair


Farewell Belesemo Magic
September 29, 1983 to March 1, 2014

We are saddened to report the death of our Precious Prince, Belesemo Magic (Belesemo Trad x Zimara by Ga'zi) Magic was a gentle soul that entered our lives 31 years ago. He represented so much in our lives from being the first foal born to the breeding program upon our marriage, and also he was the "miracle" foal, coming from a mare deemed unbreedable after 4 years of trying.

Magic represented the best of the Belesemo Arabian breeding program. He stood in the shadow of his great sire, Belesemo Trad but added the quiet, gentle spirit that Belesemo Arabians have become known for from his wonderful line-bred Abu Farwa dam, Zimara. Magic was a gentleman in every sense of the word. Although he suffered a broken fetlock as a youngster, he went on to sire 61 foals with his last being born at the age of 30 in 2013 - called Belesemo Last Magic.

Although his injury precluded him from doing great things in the performance field for which he was bred, his offspring have gone on to major national wins in the showring, on the endurance trail and in the sport horse arena. Several are just starting in the cattle sorting world as well. But most importantly they were known for their fabulous dispositions that were truly "tent horses." People came back time and again to own another "Magic" foal, due to their in your pocket dispositions. He had many admires in the human and equine world.

Magic will be sorely missed as a vital part of our breeding program and gentle soul in the barn. he will live on in his fabulous sons and daughters that are highly treasured. Good bye Sweet Prince, you have left a big hole in our hearts.

Farewell Belesemo Magic

Magic profile
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