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Experience the Endurance Journey with Belesema Khandy Khiss
& Carey Brock on their quest of the 2012 XP rides

250 Grand Canyon XP Pioneer, October 2011
200 Eastern Mojave Scenic, February 2012
155 Cuyama Oaks XP Pioneer, March 2012
250 Mt. Carmel XP Pioneer, May 2012
250 Bryce Canyon XP Pioneer, September 2012
250 Grand Canyon XP Pioneer, October 2012

Our extreme thanks to Carey Brock of Deli, California, for documenting with video camera her and Khandy Khiss' quest of the XP Rides. Follow them on their journey as we get to experience and participate in their quest. We also wish to extend thanks to Steve Bradley for the beautiful photos he took documenting their journey.

250 Grand Canyon XP Pioneer, October 2011

Grand CanyonKandy Khiss snow Grand Canyon

Khandy K snow trotKhiss looking over Grand Canyon

Death Valley Warm-up
Coso Junction

Khandy Coso Junction
Khiss Coso Junction climb

Grand Canyon Khandy KhissKhandy in desert

200 Eastern Mojave Scenic

February 16, 17,18 and 19, 2012 –4 days & 200 miles!

155 Cuyama Oaks XP Pioneer
3-Day 155 Mile Pioneer AERC
March 23, 24, 25, 2012 Fri-Sat-Sun

250 Mt. Carmel XP Pioneer
May 2-6, 2012     50-50-50-50-50 (250 Miles in 5 days)

trot at Mt Carmel Mt Carmel Khandy

Mt Carmel run miles at Mt Carmel

stroll through desert
trot through red rock

250 Grand Canyon XP Pioneer, October 2012


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